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Assault and Battery ...

ASSAULT AND BATTERY Assault: it is an act which is done with the intention of causing apprehension of imminent threat or harm in the mind of the other. Assault is the act of creating an apprehension of bodily damage or harm in the mind of the other person. Assault is a civil as well as […]

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Mediation In Cases of Cruelty Under 498A of IPC
Mediation In Cases of Cruelty Under 498A of IPC ...

Overview Mediation is a type of dispute resolution recognised as a full-fledged proceeding under Alternative Dispute Resolution. It is one of the processes of settlement where parties commonly discuss their common problem on the common ground and come to the remedy through interactive discussion. Generally, mediation is done by the mediation Centre on the direction […]

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Suspension Of Sentence
Suspension Of Sentence ...

“Suspension” means to take or withdraw something for the time being. Suspension of the sentence is the act of keeping the sentence of accused in abeyance at the pleasure of the person who is authorized to suspend the sentence. The power to suspend the sentence of the accused is a discretionary power but it has […]

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