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FIR known as First-Hand Report is an initial report in form of a written document prepared by police officers when they receive information about the commission of an offense which is cognizable in nature. This means the police officer can suo moto take an action on an offense without prior approval from the court. This […]

Cheating ...

OFFENCE OF CHEATING UNDER INDIAN PENAL CODE Hawkins defined cheating as: “Deceitful practices in defrauding or endeavoring to defraud another of own right by means of some artful decree contrary to the plain rule of common honesty.” Cheating is defined under section 415 of the Indian Penal Code, which can be put in an analytical […]

Assault and Battery ...

ASSAULT AND BATTERY Assault: it is an act which is done with the intention of causing apprehension of imminent threat or harm in the mind of the other. Assault is the act of creating an apprehension of bodily damage or harm in the mind of the other person. Assault is a civil as well as […]