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Domestic Violence Act – A Brief Summary

Domestic Violence Act – A Brief Summary

Domestic violence is a sort of abuse which happens in a personal relationship. It can happen between spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, ex-partners etc. Although mostly women suffer from domestic violence, it can be an abuse by a woman against a man also. It can even happen between people who are not living together. It can […]

Dealings into stolen property

IS DEALING INTO STOLEN PROPERTY CONSIDERED A CRIME IN INDIA? In order to discourage theft, acceptance of stolen property and dealing with it has been made a punishable under IPC 1860. Section 411 defines dishonestly receiving stolen property. It states that, “whoever dishonestly receives or retains any stolen property, knowing or having reason to believe […]

Rioting and Affray

Rioting and Affray- offences against public peace and tranquility This article draws the comparison between the offences contained in chapter VIII of IPC. For further clarity on any point, you may write to our top lawyers in tricity.  The offences against the public tranquility are included in Chapter VIII of IPC. A. Affray An Affray […]