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Essential Rules of CPC which even the best civil lawyers tend to forget! ...

The Best Civil Lawyers in India understand the relevance and importance of the quote – Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied. Unfortunately, the price one has to pay for justice is not only in terms of money. What makes justice costlier is time. When the timeline gets tediously elaborated, all material wealth appears petty in comparison. […]

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Order 2 Rule 2 ...

Order 2 Rule 2 of civil procedure code states that every suit shall include the whole of claim which the plaintiff is entitled make in respect of cause of action, but plaintiff may relinquish any portion of his claim in order to bring the suit within the jurisdiction of any court. Where a plaintiff omits […]

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Uniform Civil Code in India- Yes or No?
Uniform Civil Code in India- Yes or No? ...

The Constitution of India provides for Uniform Civil Code under Article 44 as a Directive Principle of State Policy. Article 44 states that “the State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.” The Uniform Civil Code in India proposes to replace the personal laws based on […]

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