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Rights of Hindu Women in Undivided Property ...

The Constitution of India provides for equality before the law and equal protection of laws irrespective of gender, caste, creed, and race. Succession Pre-1937 When it comes to the equal social status of women in the society, the concept also includes a woman’s right to hold and inherit property as the male members of the […]

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Disownment ...

Disownment is the formal act or condition of forcibly renouncing or no longer accepting one’s akin child as a member of one’s family or kin. It differs from giving a child up for adoption both in that it is a social and interpersonal issue (and therefore usually takes place later in the child’s life, though […]

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Inheritance in Muslim Law
Inheritance in Muslim Law ...

Inheritance in Muslim Law or Succession constitutes four sources of Islamic law – The Holy Koran The Sunna: that is, the practice of the Prophet. The Ijma: that is, the consensus of the learned men of the community on what should be the decision on a particular point. The Qiya : that is, an analogical […]

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