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Administrative Actions versus Writ Lawyers ...

More than quickly given a YES by a Writ Lawyer? Rethink! With the increasing responsibility of the state into the public realm, for the good of the public, the departments and the works of the administrator had increased. State, legislation, government, administration, all are abstract concepts but, being run by real persons. And human nature […]

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Fundamental Rights Under The Indian Constitution
Fundamental Rights Under The Indian Constitution ...

Overview Fundamental rights are those rights which are guaranteed to the citizens of India under its constitution. The dictionary meaning of the word ’fundamental’ is “important”. Hence, these are the rights which are of extreme and primary importance. Fundamental rights are covered under Part III of the Indian Constitution. These rights are enforceable in the […]

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Administrative Law ...

With great power comes great responsibility. Under Administrative Law, the government authorities have powers and functions to administer an organization, there is a specified manner in which these powers are to be exercised and the aggrieved persons have vested rights available to them when administrative power is abused. The administrative actions of authorities can be […]

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