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MARRIAGE: from the perspective of best divorce advocates in Chandigarh

B&B Associates LLP is well regarded among the best advocates for divorce cases in Chandigarh. The firm has put a great deal of dedication in matrimonial and divorce litigation. With a plethora of successfully resolved cases and a vast satisfied clientele, B&B has established itself among the leading law firms of Chandigarh hosting some of […]

WAQF Board

When a muslim person under religious faith and for benefit of society donates his property in name of Allah it is called Waqf. Literal meaning of waqf is detention. Thus it means that ownership of the dedicated property is taken from the person and detained by Allah. Waqif is the person who dedicates his property […]

How are ‘Anand’ Marriages registered in India?

How are ‘Anand’ Marriages registered in India?

Introduction The demand of Sikhs for a separate law regarding the registration of the Sikh marriage is not unheard of. It has been going on for over a century with the members of the Sikh community made to register their marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. There were no other means for them, although […]