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What is Adverse Possession?
What is Adverse Possession? ...

Overview: Possession has been recognized as a basis of claim to rights and interests in all legal systems. Uninterrupted and uncontested possession for a specific period, as opposed to the rights and interests of the true owner, is one of the legally recognized modes of ownership. The specified periods of limitation for recovering possession or […]

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False Dowry Cases : Undue Harassment of Men
False Dowry Cases : Undue Harassment of Men ...

Disclaimer: We strongly condemn the dowry system. The article is only meant to be read in relation to false dowry cases and undue harassment of men. The abuse of dowry laws is rampant these days. Having experienced such abuse, the Courts take their own course of time to pass a decision even when a case is […]

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Order 2 Rule 2 ...

Order 2 Rule 2 of civil procedure code states that every suit shall include the whole of claim which the plaintiff is entitled make in respect of cause of action, but plaintiff may relinquish any portion of his claim in order to bring the suit within the jurisdiction of any court. Where a plaintiff omits […]

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