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The Special Marriage Act, 1954: Salient Features

The Special Marriage Act, 1954: Salient Features ...

India follows a rigid structure of the caste system, and inter-religion marriage is still considered a taboo in the country. The Parliament introduced the Special Marriage Act, 1954 which allows for a special form of marriage for the people of India to marry irrespective of their religion. 1. Conditions for a valid marriage: Section 4 Neither party […]

Daughters are now ‘Coparceners’

Daughters are now ‘Coparceners’ ...

Introduction ‘All the coparceners have unity of possession and community of interest in the joint family property.’ Under Hindu Law, male members up to four generations in a Mitakshara Family are part of the coparcenary, i.e. father, his son, his son’s son, his son’s son’s son will form coparcenary. No female could become a coparcener in a […]

Proclaimed Offender

Proclaimed Offender ...

A Proclaimed offender proceeding is an action of the court through which the court affirm the person as the proclaimed offender and directs the concerned police officials to arrest the person named in the proceeding and produce him before the court and the name and details of the proclaimed offender are published in the newspapers […]