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Nationalisation Of Banks

MEANING Nationalisation is a process whereby the national government takes over the private assets into public ownership by an Act or an ordinance. 14 commercial banks were nationalised by the Government of India on July 19, 1969, through an ordinance under Article 123 of the Indian constitution which was replaced by the Banking Companies Act […]

Things NRIs should know about buying a property in India

Things NRIs should know about buying a property in India

The real-estate sector in India is booming and every smart investor wants to make money out of this opportunity, so investing in the same is a profitable venture being explored by the NRIs as well.  But, there are a few things every NRI must know before buying a property in India. Details NRIs need to […]


INTRODUCTION E-banking is a banking system which offers many services to their customers which includes accepting money, providing various banking services to customers, and providing loans to individuals and companies. As Compared to traditional system of offering banking services through physical branches, online banking system uses the Internet to deliver traditional banking services to their […]