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Separation of Powers ...

OVERVIEW Government has three functionary bodies, often called three wings of the government, namely, Legislature – the law making body, Executive – the executor or implementer of laws, Judiciary – the interpreter of law. They are all interlinked organs of government. Judiciary interprets the laws made by the legislature and implemented and enforced by the […]

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Rights and Liabilities of Religious Institutions ...

Rights & Liabilities of Religious Institutions in Art 26 of the Indian Constitution It may be noted that while Art 25 i.e right to freedom of religion is available to all persons, Art 26 is confined to religious denomination or institution only and provides for the Rights & Liabilities of Religious Institutions. Overview of Rights & […]

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High Court inherent powers & best Lawyers ...

Ever wondered how and when Best Lawyers Invoke Inherrent Powers of High Court? Nothing in the Code of Criminal Procedure limits or effects the inherent powers of the High Court – – to make such orders as maybe necessary to give effect to any order under the code, or, to prevent abuse of the process […]

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