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What is a Relinquishment Deed?
What is a Relinquishment Deed? ...

Overview: In many cases, a person dies intestate, (without making a will or testamentary will) in such cases his/her legal heirs inherit the property. It is then up to the heirs as what to do with their share in the said property. If the heir’s concluded separation of property, then anyone of the co-owner can […]

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Dispute Against Builders
Dispute Against Builders ...

In Today’s developing world, builder plays a very important role in the development of any country. India is becoming modernized at a very high pace thus the demand for commercial and housing building is also increasing which is fulfilled by the builders. It has been observed that builders often indulge fail to deliver to the […]

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Direct Tax
Direct Tax ...

Taxes are the basic source of revenue to the government. Revenue so raised is put to use to meet the expenses of government like defense, provision of education, health care, building infrastructure in the country and other purposes. Types of tax in India Indirect tax Direct tax Direct Tax Though the actual translation may vary […]

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