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Criminal Misappropriation

Section 403 of IPC defines and prescribes punishment for criminal misappropriation. It applies in the cases wherein the possession of property has been innocently acquired but from subsequent intention or knowledge, the retention becomes wrongful, then it amounts to criminal misappropriation. Section 403 Indian Penal Code (IPC) Reads as follows: Whoever dishonestly misappropriates or converts […]

Stages of Criminal Trial in India

Stages of Criminal Trial in India

The procedure of a criminal trial in India is complicated but a person can understand the steps and the stage-wise process of criminal trial in India with a reading of 3-4 minutes | B&B Associates LLP

Public Nuisance

Nuisance is the unjust interference with the ones right to use and enjoy his property this is indirect interference, unlike trespass it is not actionable per se, the special damage has to be proved. When nuisance is to a person individually then it would amount to nuisance as a tort or private nuisance, when the […]