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False Dowry Cases : Undue Harassment of Men
False Dowry Cases : Undue Harassment of Men ...

Disclaimer: We strongly condemn the dowry system. The article is only meant to be read in relation to false dowry cases and undue harassment of men. The abuse of dowry laws is rampant these days. Having experienced such abuse, the Courts take their own course of time to pass a decision even when a case is […]

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Hindu Undivided Family ...

The term ‘Hindu undivided family’ is defined under the Hindu law. The term refers to a family of all persons lineally descended from common ancestors, including wives and unmarried daughters, if any, living together and owning property through ancestors. It is a joint family with many generations living together. So, HUF (Hindu undivided family) basically […]

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Sample Format of a Relinquishment Deed
Sample Format of a Relinquishment Deed ...

When an individual dies intestate, i.e. without leaving a will or testamentary will), the property of that individual is inherited by his/her legal heir. Then it’s up to the heirs as what they want to do with the said property. If the heir’s concluded separation of property, then anyone of the co-owner does not wish […]

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