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Acid attack is the act of throwing corrosive acid on body of others which damages or melts the skin and flesh of affected area. Acid attack is one of the most prevalent crimes against women. It is a great social evil. It is a sort of worst infliction on other human. It is a disgusting […]

Dowry Death

UNDER INDIAN LAW VIDE INDIAN PENAL CODE 1860 The offence of dowry death has been added in the Indian Penal Code vide insertion of section 304B, with a view to curb the growing atrocities against woman. One may have to sweep it down the throat real rough but, as a matter of fact, the menace […]

Public Nuisance

Nuisance is the unjust interference with the ones right to use and enjoy his property this is indirect interference, unlike trespass it is not actionable per se, the special damage has to be proved. When nuisance is to a person individually then it would amount to nuisance as a tort or private nuisance, when the […]