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Cheating ...

OFFENCE OF CHEATING UNDER INDIAN PENAL CODE Hawkins defined cheating as: “Deceitful practices in defrauding or endeavoring to defraud another of own right by means of some artful decree contrary to the plain rule of common honesty.” Cheating is defined under section 415 of the Indian Penal Code, which can be put in an analytical […]

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Murder ...

The Best Criminal Advocates for Murder Cases in Chandigarh are the ones profoundly versed into the intricacies of laws related to murder litigation. Ingredients of MURDER under Section 300 of Indian Penal Code. 1) Intention to cause death – The first clause of S. 300 stipulates that when act is done with the intention of […]

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Criminal Trespass ...

Criminal Trespass As Under Indian Penal Code Section 441 to 462 IPC A. Indian penal code deals with the offence of criminal trespass in 22 sections, commencing from sections 441 to 462. Trespass in common language means to go on another’s property without his permission express or implied or right. Trespass is ordinarily a civil […]

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