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The World Bank Group ...

The WORLD BANK GROUP is an association comprising of five of the world’s largest loan granting international organizations. The group is also an observer at the United Nations Development Group. The headquarters of the group is situated in Washington, D.C. The bank’s stated mission is to achieve the twin goals of ending extreme poverty and […]

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Promissory Note ...

Promissory Note is the written note made by the payer which contains the promise to pay a certain amount of money on a specified date or on demand to the payee or the bearer of the note. In short it is promise in written form to pay the debt. Requirements for a promissory note: The […]

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Nationalisation Of Banks ...

MEANING Nationalisation is a process whereby the national government takes over the private assets into public ownership by an Act or an ordinance. 14 commercial banks were nationalised by the Government of India on July 19, 1969, through an ordinance under Article 123 of the Indian constitution which was replaced by the Banking Companies Act […]

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