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Negligence in Torts

Negligence in Torts

Overview Negligence in simple terms means carelessness of any person, which creates the harm of another person. There is a legal duty to take care of any action when it is reasonably capable of being predicted. Negligence torts are the most prevalent torts. Elements which describe the negligence torts are:- Duty of Care: A defendant […]

Rights and Liabilities of Religious Institutions

Rights & Liabilities of Religious Institutions in Art 26 of the Indian Constitution It may be noted that while Art 25 i.e right to freedom of religion is available to all persons, Art 26 is confined to religious denomination or institution only and provides for the Rights & Liabilities of Religious Institutions. Overview of Rights & […]

Quashing of FIR

Beginning with what is FIR? FIR stands for First Information Report. Whenever any offence is committed, a written document is prepared by the police in pursuit of that offence. This written document is known as an FIR. In other words, it is a general complaint filed by the victim himself or someone on his behalf. […]