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Suspension Of Sentence
Suspension Of Sentence ...

“Suspension” means to take or withdraw something for the time being. Suspension of the sentence is the act of keeping the sentence of accused in abeyance at the pleasure of the person who is authorized to suspend the sentence. The power to suspend the sentence of the accused is a discretionary power but it has […]

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Negligence in Torts ...

Overview Negligence in simple terms means carelessness of any person, which creates the harm of another person. There is a legal duty to take care of any act when it is reasonably capable of being predicted. Negligence torts are the most prevalent torts. Elements which describe the negligence torts are:- Duty of Care: A defendant […]

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Plaint ...

The term ‘plaint’ has nowhere been defined in the Code of Civil Procedure. However, it is said to be a statement of claim, a document, by presentation of which the suit is instituted. Its object is to state the grounds upon which the assistance of the court is sought by the plaintiff.  It is a […]

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