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Carbon Credit And Intellectual Property Rights
Carbon Credit And Intellectual Property Rights ...

Introduction Rapid industrial growth has resulted in increased energy consumption and consequently the level of carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions are also rising. As a part of United Nations Frame Work Convention On Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol was brought into existence to create policies and measures to reduce Green House Gas emissions. […]

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IPR and Pharmaceuticals
IPR and Pharmaceuticals ...

The Pharmaceuticals Industry and Intellectual Property Rights In India Intellectual Property is that area of law which deals with protecting the rights of the individuals who create original work. The term relates to intangible properties such as Patent, Copyright, and Trademark. The purpose of this law is to encourage new technological inventions, artistic expressions, etc. […]

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What are Bilateral Investment Treaties?
What are Bilateral Investment Treaties? ...

Emergence of BITs A progression of crackdowns for accomplishing financial development and general flourishing indicates a country to build up its operational norms from national to worldwide levels through functioning participation between local business houses and state specialists which causes them to investigate the dangers related to the speculations made in a specific area. This […]

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