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A writ is a legal document issued by a court or judicial officer. Anything that is issued under an authority is a writ. The Supreme Court may issue writs under Article 32 of the Constitution for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights and under Article 139 for enforcement of rights other than Fundamental Rights. Similarly, the […]



Trespass is said to be the act of crossing the limits prescribed by law. It refers to an unreasonable interference with one’s property or person arising out of a malafide intention.  Trespass is a criminal as well as civil wrong. If a person is invited to home by someone and he is made to sit […]

Rights and Liabilities of Religious Institutions

Rights & Liabilities of Religious Institutions in Art 26 of the Indian Constitution It may be noted that while Art 25 i.e right to freedom of religion is available to all persons, Art 26 is confined to religious denomination or institution only and provides for the Rights & Liabilities of Religious Institutions. Overview of Rights & […]