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Reward to informants ...

Overview An informant is a person who- a) provides specific information regarding tax evasion, b) who helps the concerned authorities to recover assets concerning irrecoverable taxes Government servants can also act as informants but the amount of reward which they are entitled to get will be decided by the competent committees. The reward amount may […]

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Robbery ...

OFFENCE OF ROBBERY AS UNDER INDIAN PENAL CODE In layman’s terms, ‘to rob’ implies to deprive a person of his or her property. And one may wonder how at all robbery then is distinguished from extortion or theft? Essentially, in the latter two too, a person is deprived of property. Here comes the fine nuances […]

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Offence Of Criminal Force In India ...

Criminal Force as under Indian Penal Code 1860 The term force means exertion of energy producing a change in the other world. Force can cause motion, change motion or cease motion. However, criminal force is defined in section 350 of Indian penal code which states. Whoever intentionally uses force to any person, without that person’s […]

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