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Divorce By Mutual Consent
Divorce By Mutual Consent ...

Overview There was a time when divorce was possible on the fault, wrongdoing or actions of one person only and he/she was punished for his /her fault. If both the parties were at fault, they could not apply for divorce; they were asked to resolve the differences and live with them. But later, a no-fault […]

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Digitization of Copyright Registry
Digitization of Copyright Registry ...

In a digital world, the Indian government is on a constant move to deliver on its promise of a Digital India. One of its new initiatives is the digitization of the Copyrights records in the copyright registry. Digitization in the copyright world has started after the public notice by the Copyright Office dated August 31, […]

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Inheritance in Muslim Law
Inheritance in Muslim Law ...

Inheritance in Muslim Law or Succession constitutes four sources of Islamic law – The Holy Koran The Sunna: that is, the practice of the Prophet. The Ijma: that is, the consensus of the learned men of the community on what should be the decision on a particular point. The Qiya : that is, an analogical […]

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