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Daughters are now ‘Coparceners’
Daughters are now ‘Coparceners’ ...

‘All the coparceners have unity of possession and community of interest in the joint family property.’ Introduction Under Hindu Law, male members up to four generations in a Mitakshara Family are part of the coparcenary, i.e. father, his son, his son’s son, his son’s son’s son will form coparcenary. No female could become a coparcener in a […]

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Never Gamble On a Lawsuit!
Never Gamble On a Lawsuit! ...

Your choice of a lawyer directly reflects in the result of your case. How can a layman know if the lawyer is bad? Yes, there’s a catch. A novice can’t judge an expert you’ll say. Well, not really. Laymen can conduct a five-point check to test and find the suitable lawyer for themselves: 1. Is […]

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Sample Format of a Relinquishment Deed
Sample Format of a Relinquishment Deed ...

When an individual dies intestate, i.e. without leaving a will or testamentary will), the property of that individual is inherited by his/her legal heir. Then it’s up to the heirs as what they want to do with the said property. If the heir’s concluded separation of property, then anyone of the co-owner does not wish […]

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