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Armed Forces Tribunal
Armed Forces Tribunal ...

Overview Armed forces Tribunal is a special Military Tribunal set up in India, according to the provisions of Armed forces Tribunal Act,2007 to provide redressal mechanism for the personnel of three armed forces namely, Army, Air Force and Navy. The AFT Act was formulated by recommendation of 169th Law Commission Report and various directives of […]

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Right To Marry and Protection by High Courts
Right To Marry and Protection by High Courts ...

Overview: Though marriage is a personal decision of two adult consenting parties, often this is not the case. Many times such couples find themselves at the crossroads and are pressured into their families’ demands or succumb to honour killings. In such cases, it becomes more than necessary to protect such couples with the help of […]

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Tribunals ...

Tribunal can be defined as an individual or an institution which has authority to judge and to order. Tribunals are not ordinary courts, these tribunals have jurisdiction over very specific matters or can be stated as that they deal with specific matters only. Judgement of tribunals is as effected as the judgement given by ordinary […]

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