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COMPLETE EXPLAINATION OF HURT AND GRIEVOUS HURT AS PER INDIAN LAW In some cases it takes the best criminal lawyer to draw out a distinction between hurt and grievous hurt and establish it in the court of law. Quite apparently, it is on the basis of the gravity of physical assault that it is classified […]

Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery

Assault: it is an act which is done with the intention of causing apprehension of imminent threat or harm in the mind of the other. Assault is the act of creating apprehension of bodily damage or harm in the mind of the other person. Assault is a civil as well as criminal wrong resulting in […]


Our Best Criminal Advocates in Chandigarh for Rape Cases (Section 375/ 376/ 376A, IPC) have been dedicating their sweat and blood to help Rape victims meet justice. At the same time, we have our Best Advocates in Chandigarh who leave no stone unturned in defending innocent men falsely implicated in Rape cases – maliciously and […]