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Statutory Compliance for Industries
Statutory Compliance for Industries

Overview Statutory compliance connotes the legal framework in which the business or the industry has to operate and treat their employees. T

Ad-Hoc Appointment
Ad-Hoc Appointment

Introduction Article 309 of the Constitution of India confers power on the appropriate authority to regulate the recruitment to the public s


REGULARIZING AD HOC APPOINTMENTS – From the perspective of some of the best Advocates for Service Matters in Chandigarh The ad hoc emp


OBJECT: – To keep employee away from a position where He can interfere with the conduct of enquiry, or may tamper with documentary or

Regularisation Of Ad Hoc Employees- Principles Thereof

It has been said that the State must be a model employer. It is for this reason, the Courts have stressed that a person should not be kept i


OVERVIEW: In layman’s language promotion means a step forward. Promotion under the ambit of service law means advancement in the position

Article on Natural Justice in Service

OVERVIEW Article 311 secures to the civil servants of the government two procedural safeguards in relation to their tenure of office. These

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  • Trade Unions Act 192 ...

    CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY 1.Short title, extent and commencement.— (1) This Act may be called the[3][***] Trade Unions Act 1926 [4][(2) It extends to the whole of India [5][***]. (3) It shall come into

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