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  • Copyright laws v/s Parody

    Copyright laws v/s Parody

    Introduction Copyright is the legal right conferred upon the owner of intellectual property. Copyright grants an exclusive right to the original creators to further develop them for a given amount o

    How to Patent a ‘Design’?

    How to Patent a ‘Design’?

    Overview The Designs Act, 2000 along with Designs Rules, 2001 administers the registration and protection of industrial designs in India. The Act came into force on 11th May 2001 by repealing the earl

    Geographical Indications

    Geographical Indications

    Overview: The fast growth of International Trade has brought markets closer than ever before. This brings into focus a concern based on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the goo

    IPR and Pharmaceuticals

    IPR and Pharmaceuticals

    The Pharmaceuticals Industry and Intellectual Property Rights In India Intellectual Property is that area of law which deals with protecting the rights of the individuals who create original work. The

    Designs – FAQs

    Design is a very new form of IPR which has been recognised under the Designs Act, 2000. It is still in a nascent stage of development. Thus there are a lot of questions that arise out of its applicati

    Copyright FAQs

    Copyrights are one of the most used forms of IPR. However, due to the form in which they vest, has led to a lot of ambiguity as to their application. In this article we shall answer a few of the most

  • R.G Anand vs M/S. Delux Films & Ors

    Supreme Court of India  Year : 1978
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