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B&B Associates LLP is a family. Oriented to help the members shape their dream career in legal profession. In an extremely approachable culture, B&B ensures that the members enjoy enough autonomy and privileges to experiment, learn, innovate, and grow as the finest legal professionals of this age! We employ rotation of roles and responsibilities; for all to keep deeply invested in the profession and harness a holistic appreciation. Time is all that we mortals have, and at B&B Associates LLP, we want you to have the most worth it!

To maintain optimum standards in legal profession, it is our prerogative to have the aspirants go through tough rounds of screening and test them against knowledge, intellect, service motive, communication & writing skills, psychological standing and philosophical approach.

Aspirants are expected to bear with us and cooperate! Correctly fill in the following form and our recruitment team will accordingly get back to you.