Consumer Lawyers in Chandigarh

  • The relation between the traders and the consumers is an age-old concept and over the years this relationship has grown to be of imbalance nature. You can endeavor the amenity of the Indian constitution to resolve your consumer law abolition issues with the help of best consumer lawyer in Chandigarh with B&B Associates. Impeccable legal services with the help of our seasoned and diligent lawyers are making us an esteemed law firm in Tricity. Consumer law pertains to the legal provisions designed to protect the rights of the consumers.

    Consumer Lawyers in Chandigarh

    Consumer laws ensure that the consumer is not being cheated upon. And it also checks that there is a flow of honest information and fair trade practices in the marketplace. These laws have developed over the years as a body of consumer rights in order to address the unfair practices, dishonest claims and unjust tactics used by the producer of goods and provider of services. B&B Associates is a reputed law firm which is helping the consumers with the proficient and best consumer court lawyers in Chandigarh from past many years. And therefore has become the most trusted source for legal help.

    Find the Best Consumer Court Lawyers in Chandigarh

    Consumer law prohibits businesses to engage in fraud. Nowadays, illegal business practices are prevalent which is degrading consumer rights. The best lawyers for consumer disputes in Chandigarh handle a wide range of areas including consumer fraud, product liability, false advertising, and other business “scams” including delayed possession or completion of builder projects. We, at B&B Associates, look into the matter with a great deal of empathy and sensitivity to make sure that consumers do not have to suffer any longer.

    The right advice and effective recourse is the key to success in a consumer matter. Consult our top consumer lawyers and best consumer law advocates now:

    Consumer Rights Protection

    There are various provisions that provide protection  to consumers:

    The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 has become a remedy for consumers throughout the nation. And it is a standout amongst other important legislations endorsed for the benefit of the consumers. Most probably the complete act circles around the complaint, the complainant, defects in goods in question and removal of the defects or replacement of the goods with new goods of similar description, etc. Thus, enabling to protect the interests of the consumer. In addition, the act encompasses a three-tier system District Forum, the State Commission and the National Commission for the redressal of grievances of consumers.

    The Consumer Protection Act 1986 is the Magna Carta for consumer protection drafted so well and the definitions laid in the act are of a very strong nature. One such definition is of who is a Consumer under Section 2(1)(d) that in simple term means:

    • Anyone who has purchased any goods or services for self-use after consideration;
    • The one who acquires goods for self-employment;
    • Anyone who uses such goods or services with the permission of the buyer;
    • Who obtains goods or avail services on deferred payment basis;

    Therefore, people who buy goods for commercial purpose are not taken to be as consumers.

    Common Procedure that Best Consumer Court Lawyer in Chandigarh Needs to Follow

    At first, a Notice is drafted and sent to the other party. Thereafter, a complaint is drafted laying down a brief list of dates and events along with the main facts with respect to the transactions and the deficiency in service caused. After the complaint case is completely drafted, true copies of the documents are annexed (including the bank statements, if any and receipts) and the affidavits are signed by the complainant. Now when it comes to filling of the case at the Punjab State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, there are some other formalities that need attention:

    • A court fee in form of postal order or a demand draft is to be attached
    • A court fee/stamp duty on Power of attorney.
    • 4 sets of the complete consumer complaint,

    Finally, the filling can be done at the consumer dispute redressal commission office to the assigned authority.

    India has a simple and specific route for redressal of consumer disputes which is laid down under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. This legislation provides a platform for protecting consumers against exploitation, for the hearing of complaints and for settlement/compensation of dispute. The Act also stipulates the responsibilities of goods and services provider. To speed up the redressal process in consumer court Chandigarh, the Act envisages the creation of quasi-judicial bodies at district, state as well as national level.

    The consumer is entitled to protection against dangerous, dishonest and unfair practices. While at the same time, goods and services provider has the right to a just and fair trial. The best lawyers for consumer disputes in Chandigarh focus on consumer redressal on behalf of consumers as well as on behalf of the service/goods provider.

    Rationale to Choose B&B Associates for Hiring the Best Consumer Court Lawyer in Chandigarh

    You must have come across a lot of situations where you feel cheated while buying or enjoying any product or service. For that matter, consumer courts are established. Ministry of Consumer Affairs is constantly working on the consumer awareness program i.e., Jago Graahak Jago. You need to be familiar with your consumer rights to enjoy them thoroughly. In addition to acknowledging your rights, you also need to practice your obligations too. B&B Associates is an unimpeachable law firm which is there maintaining social justice and helping people relish their consumer rights with the right legal assistance of top consumer advocates in Chandigarh.

    We are a team of proficient and illustrious lawyers who are always keen to bring new strategies in the legal world to help people get justice. Every lawyer in the firm is perspicacious and adroit in their field of specialization. Our main focus is on alleviating the time wastage and most importantly the working for desired results for the justice seekers. So our each accomplished consumer court advocate in Chandigarh is representing national and international clientele matter in front of Chandigarh State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission efficiently..

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