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    Contract Lawyers in Chandigarh

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    • Civil Courts of Panchkula.
    • Hon’ble High Court for the States of Punjab & Haryana

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    Today in the era of globalization, the entire world has turned into a small village where distance and time are no impediments, it has become a practical impossibility to conduct huge business and detailed transactions merely on verbal and vague assurances. In order to fulfill its goals, a business must rely on contracts to effectively sell its goods and services. To work smoothly and efficiently every business model needs to have legally enforceable contracts for which you’ll need an expert contract lawyer by your side.

    A legal contract formally obligates two or more parties to perform or not to perform certain acts based on the terms and conditions of the contract as negotiated and discussed between the parties. The basic elements which every legal contract must have are offer, acceptance, and consideration, whether the same is oral or written in nature. B&B Associates LLP is a reputed law firm and is trusted for its experienced contract lawyers in Chandigarh who have been handling contract law matters for almost four decades.

    Law of Contract in India

    The Contract law in India is primarily governed by The Indian Contract Act, 1872

    The objective of the Contract Act is to ensure that the rights and obligations arising out of the contract are honored. Basic principles of the contract are described from Section 1 to Section 75, Indemnity and guarantee are mentioned in Section 124 to Section 128, Bailment is explained in Section 148 to Section 181, and Agency is described in Section 182 to Section 238.

    What Are The 3 Essential Elements Of A Contract?

    1. Offer

    Primary component for a contract to be binding, there must be an offer wherein one person signifies to __the other his willingness to do or not to do something with a view of obtaining the assent of the other person. An offer may be expressed or implied, it should be able to give rise to legal consequences and must be capable enough to build a legal relation.

    2. Acceptance

    Once an offer is made, it must either be accepted or the same be counter offered. If the offer is rejected, then there is no contract. Acceptance must be given by the person to whom the offer was initially made. Acceptance must be absolute and unqualified. Acceptance must be communicated and be given in a reasonable time.

    3. Lawful consideration

    After an offer is made and accepted, and now in order to bind the parties to the terms of the contract there must be an exchange of consideration. In simple words consideration is nothing but a price paid by the offeree to the offeror like goods in return of money, services in return of money, goods for goods or services for services.

    Legal Services For Which You Can Hire Our Contract Law Advocates In Chandigarh

    1. Contract negotiation
    2. Contract drafting
    3. Contract vetting
    4. Registration of contract
    5. Enforcement of contract
    6. Challenging the validity of the contract
    7. Employment/ service contract

    Expertise Of B&B’s Contract and Agreement Lawyers in Chandigarh

    B&B Associates is a team of diligent and seasoned lawyers with profound knowledge in the field of contract law. The firm handles and manages complex multi-million contracts ranging between eminent business entities from the energy, telecom, and infrastructure sector. As a Law Firm, B&B Associates LLP brings credible experience and expertise in commercial legal matters and is a preferred choice of modern-day corporates to ensure handling of their commercial matters seamlessly.

    Steps To Retain Us

    1. Reserve appointment

    • Explain your matter by filling the form above and wait for a revert. If the matter needs urgent intervention, call us at +91-7710777770.

    2. Consult

    • Carry all the relevant documents on the date of appointment.
    • Truthfully and fearlessly depose to avail right guidance.
    • Know your right recourse and follow the advice.

    3. Retain

    • Discuss the scope of retention.
    • Submit documents and detailed narration.
    • Discuss important points of concern.
    • Discuss on recourse, pleadings, and arguments

    Why Clients Choose B&B Associates LLP For Contract Law Matters?

    The firm has expertise in handling and tackling the wide array of issues and concerns pertaining to various challenges which any organization operating in today’s world comes across. B&B is recognized for its excellent strategy and solution oriented approach for the corporate sector. Guidance and assistance to domestic as well as international clients on matters relating to general corporate compliance is our forte. The firm also has a deep insight into laws applicable to domestic and international trade and commerce. B&B sets up a dedicated team of lawyers for contract drafting and management in Chandigarh. Our team is skilled in dealing with all kinds of business contract matters.

    Diverse Legal Team Of B&B Associates LLP

    • Mrs. Savita Bhandari – Founding Partner.
    • Dr. Rohit Samhotra – Sr. Associate
    • Mr. Ambransh Bhandari – Managing Partner
    • Mr. Paras Chugh – Sr. Associate & Head Legal Research
    • Mr. Sunny Menghi – Sr. Associate
    • Ms. Anjali Bisht – Sr. Associate

    While all above named counsels are well-versed in civil law and procedure, the above names are arranged in seniority of their position in the firm.

    Golden Rules

    • Things to do at B&B
    • Things NOT to do at B&B

    **We deject un-ethical and immoral practices, and reserve our rights of extending legal services only to a select clientele which exhibits civility, faith in law, sound moral footing, and good conscience. Our legal counsels defend the ones who have falsely been implicated, and prosecute for those who have actually been victimized – in either case, our counsels reserve their right of exercising discretion in accepting or rejecting a brief/ lawsuit

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    Saturday & Sunday: on prior and special request, depending on availability.

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    FAQs (Related to Contract Law)

    1. What are the essentials of a legally valid contract?

    • Parties should be competent to enter into a contract.
    • Free consent of parties competent to contract.
    • Lawful consideration with a lawful object.
    • It should not be declared void expressly.

    2. What is the correct sequence in the formation of a contract?

    Offer, acceptance, consideration, agreement.

    3. Who is competent to contract?

    • A person who has acquired the age of 18
    • A Person who is of sound mind.
    • A person who is disqualified from contracting by any law.

    4. What is consent under the Indian Contract Act?

    When the competent parties to a contract agree upon the same thing in the same sense consent is accrued.

    5. What is free consent?

    • When the consent is not caused by coercion
    • When the consent is not caused by undue influence
    • When the consent is not caused by a mistake

    6. What is a ‘void agreement’?

    Void agreements are those agreements which are not enforceable under law. Therefore the parties have no legal remedies in case of void agreements.


    • Agreements in restraint of legal proceedings.
    • Agreements in restraint of trade.
    • Agreement to do an act impossible in itself.

    7. What is a ‘voidable’ contract?

    A ‘voidable’ contract is an agreement which is enforceable by law at the option of one or more of the parties to the contract, but not at the option of the other or others.

    8. What is the difference between void agreement and void contract?

    A void agreement is void ab-initio, in essence, it is null since it is formed. But on the other hand, a void contract is one that is valid at the time of creation but eventually becomes void, due to certain circumstances, which are beyond the control of parties concerned.

    9. What is a contingent contract?

    A “contingent contract” is a contract to do or not to do something, if some event, collateral to such contract, does or does not happen.


    A contracts to pay to B Rs.10,000 if team India wins World Cup 2020. This is a contingent contract. Therefore the enforceability of this contract is based on team India’s winning of the World Cup 2020. This is a contingent contract.

    10. Agreement to an impossible act is?

    Void agreement

    11. What is the obligation of a person who has received advantage under void agreement?

    Party is bound to restore it or make compensation for it to the person from whom he received it.

    12. What is the meaning of novation?

    Change in provisions of a contract

    13. What is contract of indemnity?

    A contract by which one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the contract of the promisor himself, or by the conduct of any other person.

    14. What is pledge?

    The bailment of goods as security for payment of a debt or performance of a promise.

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