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    To understand criminal law, one must first understand what crime is. Strangely, there is no universal definition of ‘crime’. In fact, a crime in one city, state or nation, may not be so in another. Crime is a harmful act made punishable by the prevailing law of the territory. An act that brings harm not only to the individual but to a greater extent – to the community, society, or the state. A punishment is prescribed to condemned as abominable, deter and prevent. In a relative (democratic) sense, crime is what majority fears of, and declares. The procedure adopted to refrain, curb and punish for the crime is criminal law. In India, the criminal law got established during the British Raj and as laws do, it is still evolving.

    The best criminal lawyers are well versed in the following important pieces of legislation:

    The best criminal lawyers must maintain an analytical understanding of the both – the crime, and the procedure.

    Specific criminal law legislation in India:

    Besides, there have come hundreds of other legislation to curb specific crimes which have surfaced as the Indian society has matured with time.

    It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer” – Sir William Blackstone (1765)

    Nothing is more devastating than being falsely implicated, put on trial, and punished! From the times of Moses to Jesus, to Socrates, to Bhagat Singh and till date; ages have witnessed false allegations, litigation, prosecution, manhandling and torture of innocents at the hands of powerful and corrupt. Wrongful conviction is embedded in the history of criminal law and justice. Innocent lives have been taken by mobs, dictators, authorities, governments, and even by the modern day judicial systems. Well, to err is human, but, to take precaution is wise. Interestingly, it isn’t always the conscious evil that victimizes the innocent. More often than not, victimization is due to the callousness that turns a blind eye to the evil. Only good can replace the evil. Only good can curb it. While a good criminal lawyer brings in dedication and enthusiasm in their practice, the best criminal lawyers repeat such practice until it becomes their involuntary habit, and they evolve with their unique techniques for delivering that good.

    Best criminal lawyers always develop and nurture their support team.

    A man is but the circumstance. The Best Criminal Lawyers in India are also a product of many factors. The biggest contributory factor being the quality of assistance the best criminal lawyers receive. The best criminal lawyers upon receiving quality assistance become even more successful in ensuring the ends of justice than those who don’t. Their fire for victory is fueled by enthusiasm and dedication towards many aspects of the criminal law – case-study, research, drafting, preparing debates and arguments. Not one person can carry all the tasks efficiently, therefore, a lot depends on the team assisting the lawyer. The overall intellect, experience, and dedication of the team ultimately influence the quality of proceedings.

    A holistic approach:

    A person fights the biggest battle of his life when embroiled in a false criminal case. A false case can destroy a life, a family, a social status, entirely. If there is something that cannot be left to god or fate, or will, to decide; it is securing Justice in this lifetime. In times as hard, a good word of advice from a Criminal Lawyer can help tremendously. The best criminal lawyers do not allow themselves the effect of human fallibilities – prejudices, assumptions, narrowminded opinions, media waves, grudge or hate. A holistic approach is a necessity.

    Remaining updated on laws and procedures – an essential practice.

    Best is not static. It is as dynamic as truth and knowledge. One might think why procedure and remaining updated with the procedure is necessary? The fact is that law is all about procedure. At B&B Associates LLP, the best criminal lawyers with an age-old expertise, deep-rooted understanding, and an outstanding past record, as part of their criminal law practice, read several hours a day to remain updated. That is essentially the reason that we have the finest legal minds to handle intricate complications of criminal law matters in the most professional yet sympathetic way. Even though we have the masters in the domain, yet it becomes important for our best criminal lawyers to maintain the latest understanding on various aspects of criminal law. One error in pleading and the court procedure can bring irreparable loss to the client. Besides, time is the most precious thing which a person ends up losing if the procedure is wrongly adopted.

    Best criminal lawyers do not shy away from the hard work:

    From barbarianism to what we are today – a society aware enough of fundamental rights, duties and liberties; we have come a long long way. It wouldn’t be a hyperbole to say that Lawyers have been “the instrument” of this change. it has been hard to change the society. It has always been hard to affirm something which ‘MIGHT’ never considered right, yet, lawyers persisted to make a difference.

    Utopia doesn’t appear as a wild goose chase to the best criminal lawyers:

    Utopia may be futuristic, but has always existed in a picture-present state which humanity idolizes, chases and evolves with. The ambition of Utopia is not a wild goose chase. Every decade has learned from the mistakes of the previous and has evolved for better. Somewhere, but, it is important that this chase of perfection is kept running for society to function and evolve with the progression of time. No matter how much as a society we evolve, there’s always a scope for more.

    Immense dedication towards legal profession:

    B&B Associates LLP has been functioning to expedite the process of Justice and aid the march of society towards the pursuit of civility and sophistication. We at B&B Associates LLP understand the importance of Justice and of a crime-free world. However, it pains the most if an innocent is accused of a crime. Therefore, the best criminal advocates are oriented to take criminal matters with utmost seriousness to help the innocents meet justice. For over three decades now, we have served people from all walks of life. As important it is to do justice to the victim, as equally, is to ensure that the accused is tried by the due procedure of law – the right to fair-trial and human rights are secured. We stand strictly against corruption and unfair means of practice. The founding partner of B&B Associates LLP – Mrs. Savita Bhandari is a senior lawyer of the firm and the guiding power behind firm’s criminal suits.

    A dedicated support team is an essential extension for Criminal Lawyers:

    We at B&B Associates LLP have a dedicated legal team at the disposal of our best criminal lawyers to enable them to practice criminal law in an extremely diligent, observant and responsible manner. Criminal Laws are quite exhaustive in scope and spread, therefore, it comes as an imperative to the best Criminal Lawyers in India to keep in check with the latest social and legal developments and it is important to have a full-fledged staff dedicated to research and learning to help and support the lawyer in remaining constantly updated.

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