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Criminal Lawyers

  • Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh

    B&B Associates LLP is renowned for its Accomplished Criminal Law Advocates in Chandigarh and Punjab & Haryana High Court.

    Our proficient criminal lawyers in Chandigarh deal an array of Criminal Law Matters and come to the aid and rescue of innocents falsely embroiled in criminal cases. Our criminal lawyers in Chandigarh practice criminal law with extreme caution and high amounts of diligence in order to get justice for the client.

    Our Senior Criminal Advocates have a remarkable standing of over 37 years in the field of Criminal Law Practice. For their sharp acumen and deep understanding of the criminal law, our senior criminal advocates in Chandigarh are sought for handling crucial and complex criminal lawsuits in and around Punjab & Haryana Region. The law firm and its lawyers have an astounding success record in criminal lawsuits.

    Discuss your matter with our Top Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh:

    One right advice from a good criminal lawyer in Chandigarh can take you a long way:

    Consult a distinguished Criminal Law Advocate in Chandigarh 

    A criminal lawsuit has the potential to ruin lives. The consequences can be devastating. Our criminal lawyers maintain a grave and compassionate understanding of their clients. The level of stress an innocent and their family bears, on being charged with a criminal offense can be tremendous and can negatively affect the health and wellbeing of the whole family. Sometimes, a person is pushed to the brink of a nervous-shock or an emotional breakdown. Most of the times, an innocent is just taken by a surprise and has no knowledge and understanding of the law. Besides, the image of the police and the judicial mechanism of India is not very bright in the minds of common men. In such situations, our top criminal lawyers in Chandigarh, empathetically help the client to gain an understanding of what is happening around them and help them take the best legal recourse at their disposal. The benefits of having our seasoned and distinguished criminal lawyers are thus multi-fold. While the sweat and passionately work to bring out the best case for the client, they also help the client in gaining confidence and faith. Ultimately, our best criminal lawyers in Chandigarh show innocents and victims to the light, even when they are surrounded by darkness on all sides.

    A mistake in a criminal proceeding is irreversible.

    The only thing that matters in a criminal lawsuit/ criminal law proceeding is —— THE RESULT. The client rightfully concerns himself with WINNING. However, to reach this end it becomes important to start good, maintain the good, and end it good. Law is all about procedure and if there is one mistake made out of inadvertence of an unskilled and unprofessional lawyer, it subjects the client to hell. It is, therefore, important to avoid a novice who talks big about winning, yet, does not relate himself with the COURSE OF WINNING. What matters is the course. What matters is the good work that goes behind the draft, the pleading and the arguments. What matters is thorough research, diligent brainstorming and a great deal of passion coupled with compassion. B&B Associates has a reputation for winning the most complex and exigent of criminal lawsuits, yet, our lawyers cannot afford complacency. It is not allowed. Our criminal lawyers have to start from scratch with every lawsuit and its every law-point. They still have to work as hard as possible to ensure that the client does not meet a doomed end which he never deserved. Our lawyers go sleepless, they go hungry, but they never give up.


    Be it a complainant (victim) or an accused who is entangled in a criminal litigation matter, expert assistance & rightful guidance by an expert and leading criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference. A seasoned criminal law Advocate in Chandigarh would practice advocacy with high levels of diligence and passion and pay a great deal of attention to each law-point in a criminal lawsuit.

    Be it research, drafting or pleading, no stone is left unturned and consistent efforts are led by our renowned criminal Advocates in Chandigarh in order to get justice for our client.


    With some of the most experienced and renowned Criminal Lawyers and Criminal Law Advocates on board in Chandigarh, the law firm proactively takes up criminal appeals, criminal revisions, anticipatory bails, regular bails, FIR quashing U/s 482, CRA and Cr.Writ Petitions in:

    The law firm also takes up criminal lawsuits in Districts and Sessions Courts at:

    The criminal lawyers of the firm frequent Chandigarh High Court (High Court of Punjab & Haryana) in several criminal lawsuits listed on a daily basis, and maintain an exceptional reputation in the field. Our team of criminal lawyers in Chandigarh is headed by Mrs. Savita Bhandari who is the top Senior Criminal Lawyer of the Firm in Chandigarh and has an experience of about 37 years. Mrs. Savita Bhandari is assisted by Dr. Rohit Samhotra who is a forensic and criminology expert and is a master of criminal law pleadings. Besides Dr. Samhotra, B&B has a team of five other lawyers who conduct thorough research, analysis, and drafting.


    • B&B has a history for standing tall for its commitment, dedication, and quality legal services in Criminal law matters and has earned an unmatched reputation. Unlike ordinary law-firms, B&B brings to each lawsuit the essential element of personal attention and diligence. We believe in eliminating any iota of doubt or uncertainty, by minutely analyzing and closely detailing all aspects concerning a criminal lawsuit. Our top Criminal lawyers in Chandigarh are distinguished from the ilk.
    • Having concluded hundreds of criminal trial matters in district courts of Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula, and numerous criminal appeal matters before the Sessions courts, the Punjab and Haryana High Court and the Supreme Court of India, our criminal lawyers have gained an unmatched experience and expertise in the domain which benefits our clients tremendously.
    • Our remarkable history of successfully opposing Government Attorneys, Pleaders, Advocates, Deputy Advocate Generals, Additional Advocate Generals etc. in criminal law proceedings, gives us an added advantage of having a foresight on how courts will opine in a criminal matter. With the help of our great experience and knowledge, we are able to understand the mentality and functioning of the police as well, based on it, we keep ourselves and our clients aware and ahead.
    • While many litigants are found complaining about no communication with their lawyers, the advocates of B&B work hand in hand with the clients and remain easily approachable and respond to the clients with patience. We pride ourselves on being up-to-the-mark with our communication protocols and in bringing ease to our clients in the most stressful of the times.


    For the reputation, loyalty, dedication and vast experience of our criminal lawyers, NRI’s and citizens of other countries seek our best criminal lawyers in Chandigarh for robustly contesting criminal lawsuits. The major part of our NRI and foreign clientele comes from developed countries such as USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. B&B Associates provides an international culture to NRI and foreign clients which they can easily relate.

    Apart from individual clientele, we have also been representing institutions, corporates and business groups in criminal lawsuits related to embezzlement, breach of trust, forgery, cheating etc.


    Our Criminal Lawyers represent our clients at all stages of criminal trial in India, and in cases of following nature:

    Our lawyers also take up highly complex matters relating to:

    • Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
    • Narcotics Control Bureau
    • Vigilance Department

    Our criminal lawyers also take up complaints against malfunction by police department/ investigating authority, especially, where there is a suspicion of corruption, influence, and bias. Our criminal lawyers in Chandigarh have been thoroughly successful in having a fair-investigation warranted in such matters.


    Our leading senior advocates and lawyers in Chandigarh High Court are renowned for taking up the following matters:

    • Anticipatory Bails U/s 438 – pre-arrest bail.
    • Regular Bails– U/ 439 – To bring the accused out of the jail.
    • Suspension of sentence U/s 389 – An application for suspension of sentence can be preferred by a convict along with a criminal appeal (if admitted), to come out of incarceration, during the pendency of the appeal.
    • Criminal Appeals/ Criminal Revisions
    • Quashing of FIR(First Information Report)
    • Quashing of Criminal ComplaintsU/s 482 of CrPC, before the Hon’ble High Court of Chandigarh.
    • Criminal Writ Petition (CrWP) – writ of habeas corpus to free a victim from an illegal detention/ confinement.
    • Drafting and Filing Criminal complaints and FIRs– Our criminal lawyers in Chandigarh assist clients to understand their legal rights and recourse better. We provide assistance to the clients in carefully drafting criminal complaints to ensure that the client does not miss out on important aspects. We ensure that the accused persons do not escape the clutches of law, and rather get rightly charged for the offenses committed by them.


    • Cases under section 498A of IPC – Cruelty against a woman by the husband and his relatives.
    • Criminal Breach of Trust
    • Infringement and theft of Intellectual Property Rights
    • Cases falling under the precincts of the Juvenile Justice Act
    • Bank/ Financial Fraud
    • Cases falling under the Prevention of Corruption Act

    Criminal Offenses against Property:

    In cases of “offenses against property” getting relief in the nature of anticipatory bail/ regular bail is comparatively easier. The intervention of our famous Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh High Court is frequently sought in the following criminal matters related to property:


    • Advice and assistance regarding filing a complaint before the police under section 154, CrPC.
    • Complaints under section 156(3) or 200, CrPC before the Judicial Magistrate.
    • Plea for Fair and impartial investigation in the matter
    • Challenging investigation report/ challan before the Magistrate
    • Orders for reinvestigation/ parallel investigation
    • Arguments on framing of charges
    • Quashing of FIR U/s 482 CrPC from the high court
    • Prosecution evidence
    • Defense evidence
    • Challenging the evidence.
    • Final Arguments followed by the Judgment of the Court.
    • Procurement of Bail and prearrest (anticipatory) bail.
    • Advanced forensic investigation.
    • Appellate proceedings in the High Court.
    • Suspension of sentence

    Substantive law and procedural law are two limbs of criminal law. The Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC and Indian Evidence Act governs the procedural law, while the IPC, Dowry Prohibition Act, Prevention of Corruption Act, NDPS and any other act which is penal in nature, is the part of Substantive Law. The criminal lawyers of B&B Associates LLP bear a fine understanding of both substantive, as well as, the procedural aspects of criminal law.

    A fair trial is the essence of Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Our best criminal advocates in Chandigarh have a solid foundation and understanding of the Constitutional law which is also one of the most crucial aspects of criminal proceedings, be it a trial or appellate proceeding. The Constitution is the ultimate law of the country and all the laws have to flow in its conformity.

    B&B Associates LLP provides an approachable environment for litigants in Chandigarh to help them take the right advice and assistance from renowned and experienced criminal lawyers, and make a substantial difference in the result of their criminal lawsuit.

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  • Stages of Criminal Trial in India

    The procedure of a criminal trial in India is complicated but a person can understand the steps and the stage-wise process of criminal trial


    FIR known as First-Hand Report is an initial report in form of a written document prepared by police officers when they receive information

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    PIL Cases of India which changed the Legal System
    PIL Cases of India which changed the Legal System

    Introduction Public Interest Litigation, as the name suggests, means litigation for the protection of the public interest. This kind of laws


    Trespass is said to be the act of crossing the limits prescribed by law. It refers to an unreasonable interference with one’s property or

    Compromise & Quashing of FIR / Complaint
    Compromise & Quashing of FIR / Complaint

    Compromise quashing is filed in case of Non-Bailable Offence and non-compoundable Offences (S. 320 Cr.P.C.) or Offences under the Special Ac

    Anticipatory Bail Format: Before the Sessions Court
    Anticipatory Bail Format: Before the Sessions Court

    The following things have to be kept in mind before applying for an anticipatory bail: The bail application should be signed by the accused.

    Suspension Of Sentence
    Suspension Of Sentence

    “Suspension” means to take or withdraw something for the time being. Suspension of the sentence is the act of keeping the sentence of ac

    Proclaimed Offender
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    Never Gamble On a Lawsuit!

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    Best Criminal Lawyers
    Best Criminal Lawyers

    CRIMINAL LAW PRACTICE: as approached by the best criminal lawyers! – compiled by the firm’s top criminal lawyers in Chandigarh.

    Mediation In Cases of Cruelty Under 498A of IPC
    Mediation In Cases of Cruelty Under 498A of IPC

    Overview Mediation is a type of dispute resolution recognised as a full-fledged proceeding under Alternative Dispute Resolution. It is one o

    Extortion – The Relevant Provisions Under IPC
    Extortion – The Relevant Provisions Under IPC

    Overview The laws related to Extortion have been entailed in Section 383- 389 of IPC. The definition of ‘Extortion’ is given under Secti

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    It must be noted that in India several cases of defrauding the banks have been coming in light. To keep a check and tackle the economic offe

    Crime of Human Trafficking in India
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    Compoundable Offences

    Settlement is a method of reaching agreement in a dispute whereby each party surrenders something that it wants. An agreement so reached in

    Criminal Trial as per the provisions in Code of Criminal Procedure

    Criminal Trial as per the provisions in Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 lays down a procedure to be follow

    Use Of Performance Drugs And Steroids

    Drug use by athletes has been issue of controversy for many years. Athletes and performers often use artificial stimulants to give them a ph

    General Defences 1

    General Defences Daily life of an ordinary Indian is full of hassle and rush, in fulfilling these duties many a times torts are committed un

  • Munivel V/s State of Tamil Nadu
    Supreme Court of India  Year : 2006
    Machhi Singh And Others vs State Of Punjab
    Supreme Court of India  Year : 1983
    Shankar Kisanrao Khade vs State Of Maharashtra
    Supreme Court of India  Year : 2013
    Salauddin vs State Of Haryana
    Punjab & Haryana High Court  Year : 2009
    Selvi & Ors vs State Of Karnataka & Anr
    Supreme Court of India  Year : 2010
    Ritesh Sinha Vs. State of Uttar Pradesh & ANR.
    Supreme Court of India  Year : 2012
    Jagmohan Singh vs The State Of U. P
    Supreme Court of India  Year : 1972
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