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    B&B Associates LLP provides a wide range of legal services in Dehradun in relation to banking law and Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT). With sufficiently qualified and extensively experienced lawyers in Dehradun for handling DRT and banking matters, the law firm provides dedicated legal services to individuals as well as organizations.

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    More About Our DRT Legal Practice:

    B&B Associates LLP is a law firm which excels in matters pertaining to Debt Recovery Tribunal DRT, NCLT, and matters falling under the ambit of the Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest Act, 2002. Our banking lawyers in Dehradun render dedicated legal services in Debt Recovery Tribunals of Dehradun and Chandigarh. We draft petitions for Debt Recovery Tribunals located all around India. The firm’s legal practice stretches to advising article guarantors and advising clients in relation to RBI guidelines. Besides, the law firm provides expeditious dealings in matters under section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act (cheque bounce matters), recovery and bank guarantee matters, the latest development in banking laws, matters of claims, counter-claims, and BIFR matters etc.

    The senior advocate members of the firm also mentor and advice other lawyers and advocates on conduction of cases in debt recovery tribunals in Dehradun, Chandigarh and other parts of the country. We organize conferences for the clients and lawyers to help device an objective action plan for effectively handling a DRT matter with high stakes. We ensure that an effective line of thought and approach is adopted before drafting of pleadings and carrying out any procedures before the Debt Recovery Tribunal. The focused and skilled attention given to each DRT matter at B&B Associates LLP helps to produce outstanding results and winning a satisfied clientele.

    Empathetic & Pragmatic Approach:

    Not every debtor is at fault. There are many factors which can play an unfortunate role which reflect too strongly on the debtor. Industrial sickness is one common factor which can adversely affect the debtor, besides, a debtor sometimes suffers tremendously because of the corrupt practices of bank officials who end up misleading them in order to save their own skin. In such a circumstance, the debtor is rather a victim of the system. In such cases, B&B Associates LLP strives to bring respite to the debtors and show them to justice. Our lawyers strategically help debtors to make a strong, rightful and meritorious representation before the Debt Recovery Tribunal. We patiently listen to the sufferings of the debtors and empathetically advise them on the most suitable legal recourse. Besides, B&B Associates LLP is one of a kind law firm where clients get assured transparency of dealings. We provide written payment advice and advance quotes on the costs involved in the litigation process. We also give our clients a heads-up on the timeline and course of proceedings.

    The Benefit Of Wisdom + Experience:

    At B&B Associates LLP the banking lawyers are experts in procedural handling of Debt Recovery Tribunal matters and the appellate DRT matters. The law firm and its senior advocate partners have a tremendous experience of pleading and practice at DRT. B&B Associates LLP is one of the most highly sought law firms in Dehradun and Chandigarh for filing counterclaims, and providing expert advice on RBI Guidelines.

    Also Servicing Throughout India

    Since legal services of top-notch quality are not available throughout India, our legal services for expert handling of DRT matters is sought from various corners of the country. In outstation DRT matters, our expertise is engaged for drafting claims, counterclaims and pleadings.

    Finesse Of Handling Critical, Crucial And Complex DRT Legal Matters

    We have successfully helped our clients in resolving cases worth hundreds of crores. In such high profile litigation, no matter the opposition, B&B Associates LLP has a reputation of enduring by taking a constructive, strategic and objective approach towards the course of justice. In many cases where a default can be attributed to bank’s own fault, we have ensured that the bank is stopped from taking advantage of its own wrong and have prevented the account of the debtor from being declared as NPA. B&B Associates LLP believe in setting benchmark standards with our pleading and practice and have even helped litigants had earlier lost all hopes.

    To Be Able To Effectively Advise-In DRT Matters, We Suggest Our Clients Compile And Bring:

    • All relevant documents in relation to the case such as the Loan Agreement, subsequent agreement, settlement agreement/ offer, other relevant documents etc.
    • Any and all communication with the bank pertaining to the case.

    In DRT Matters, a counterclaim is to be prepared in advance in order to use it to safeguard the security(s) deposited by the debtor with the bank.

    A Word Of Advice To The Litigants:

    Stay positive and strong. With determination, people have won even the toughest of the battles which seemed impossible at first.

    Specialized Legal Services In Banking Law Domain:

    While the current global economy is highly competitive and challenging, our banking and DRT lawyers in Dehradun remain committed to helping businesses prefer efficient methods to structure and execute financing deals. The scope of our legal practice includes understanding finance needs of our clients, suggesting optimum refinancing options, and restructuring of the existing option in the best interest of their interest. Our lending clients include banking groups, national and international financial institutions, and insurance companies. The borrowing clients include individuals, corporations, organizations, and business groups (domestic and international).

    B&B Associates LLP is known for adopting a focused and diligent approach in resolving banking and finance issues for its clients. The law firm prefers a practical solution-finding approach and conducts with a team of distinctively qualified and highly dedicated lawyers. B&B Associates LLP ensures that a client is represented before the DRT/ Debt Recovery Tribunal in a rightful and diligent manner. The senior advocate members of the law firm have a vast experience of representing individuals, banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions at the Debt recovery tribunals.

    B&B Associates LLP also provides a wide range of corporate and compliance services such as:

    • Incorporation
    • Restructuring
    • Development of financial products and services.
    • Issued related to corporate governance.
    • Anti-money-laundering legal compliance.
    • Legal services to the information technology sector (IT), business process outsourcing (BPO), legal process outsourcing (LPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO).

    B&B Associates LLP also renders efficient Legal Advisory for financial institutions with regard to:

    • Initial public offerings
    • Capital Requirements
    • Structured finance.
    • Public finance

    Our in-house team of expert draftsmen is highly proficient in drafting, vetting, and reviewing legal notices, applications, and representations concerning banking and financial transactions. We also provide specialized services in relation to agreements and contracts on technological usage and outsourcing contracts in the banking and finance industry.

    Legal Advisory Pertaining to RBI regulations and policies.

    • Setting up and licensing banks (including branches of foreign banks in India).
    • Corporate governance.
    • Monetary policy
    • Regulation of money, foreign exchange, government securities markets, and financial derivatives.
    • Debt and cash management for the government.
    • Oversight of payment and settlement systems.
    • Currency management.

    If an entity wants to conduct any banking services, it is important that they obtain a license by applying to the RBI. Once the license is obtained, that banking company can conduct supplementary business such as borrowing and lending, trade finance, guarantee, and indemnity business, financial leasing and hire purchase. If an entity proposes to deal in foreign exchange, then it needs a separate license from the RBI issued under the Foreign Exchange Management Act. Only authorized dealers have approved powers to facilitate foreign exchange and cross-border transactions. To have a bank license application is given to the RBI which is set out according to the norms of Banking Regulation (Companies) Rules, 1949. It is important for foreign banks before they carry on banking business in India, to obtain a banking license, notwithstanding whether they are licensed in their home state.

    Legal Advisory Services in other financial sectors:

    The RBI often communicates closely with the SEBI, IRDAI, working together to regulate banking activities. Also, the Ministry of Finance, through its Department of Financial Services:

    • Supervises and legislates the functioning of banking institutions.
    • Prescribes norms for the operation and functioning of public sector banks.
    • Examines legislative measures for the recovery of bank debts.
    • Establishes judicial mechanisms.

    Our dealings in the financial sector also include legal advisory on:

    • Innovative lending transactions.
    • Secured and unsecured transactions.
    • Available bank products and credit products.

    With an experience of over 50 years in the law field and has represented both lenders and borrowers, B&B brings efficient and value-based solutions for its industrial clients. Due to a strong experience of dealings in complex regulatory and statutory compliance for our domestic and international finance clients, we have proficiency in catering to highly regulated industry sectors with complex governmental intervention and regulations. Our global outreach, in-depth legal knowledge of the banking and finance industry, and vast experience in banking and finance law dealings give us a strong advantage while catering to the needs of domestic and international clientele. It positions in us the capability of delivering unmatched results.

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