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    As an important part of India’s growing economy, International trade is a complex and ever-evolving law field which covers:

    • International Treaties
    • Cross-border Agreements
    • National and International policy on trade and commerce etc.

    Our practice of international trade law ranges from – finding effective solutions for overcoming a problem, to documentation, compliance, and litigation.

    International trade lawyers deal in four types of international trade relationship arrangements:

    • Unilateral Measures:
      Unilateral measures deal with a country’s implementation of some sort of national law or policy for international trade. Each sovereign is free to implement laws or policy for the regulation of international trade with its territory.
    • Bilateral Relationships:
      These are the relationships between two sovereign states. These relationships are maintained by bilateral talks, dialogues, treaties, etc. to encourage trade conducive agreement between two states in order to improve trade relations between themselves.
    • Plurilateral Agreements:
      Agreements between more than two countries, but not a great many, which would be multilateral agreement. Hence, these are the agreements which have fewer numbers of participants as compared to multilateral forums, but it still holds importance to International Trade. These Agreements are important in creating regional trade which leads to the development of the region. BRICS is a very good example of Plurilateral Agreements.
    • Multilateral arrangements:
      Arrangements made by establishing a forum for countries to make any uniform policy for the establishment of International trade. These forums are extremely important as they give chance to establish trade relations with many countries. These multilateral arrangements also act as a mediator between two states and help to resolve issues or disputes between the states. World Trade Organization (WTO)/ General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT) are two good examples of this kind.

    Firm’s international trade lawyers in Dehradun are experienced in the field of national and international trade and advance their legal expertise to industries, businesses, and individuals. B&B Associates LLP assures timely and effective representation by some of the best international trade lawyers in order to ensure the clients’ goals.

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    **We deject un-ethical and immoral practices, and reserve our rights of extending legal services only to a select clientele which exhibits civility, faith in law, sound moral footing, and good conscience. Our legal counsels defend the ones who have falsely been implicated, and prosecute for those who have actually been victimized – in either case, our counsels reserve their right of exercising discretion in accepting or rejecting a brief/ lawsuit.

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