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    Sports Lawyers and Advocates for Sports related disputes in Dehradun

    Sports law is an umbrella term covering legal provisions related to sports. The field of sports is a rapidly emerging one with stronger competition and increasing contribution to the economy. Therefore, it is being regulated by the government as every other industry sector. In absence of a single concentrated statutory body or legislation governing and regulating sports activities, there are numerous independent bodies and sports associations for different sports. They are set up to address the issues of accountability, administration, and development.

    • The Indian Olympic Association is responsible for matters relating to the Olympic Games.
    • The Board of Control for Cricket is the governing body for cricket in India.
    • Furthermore, many international agencies such as the Anti-doping Agency, are established to ensure that the intrinsic value of a sport is not compromised by unfair means and cheating. Our efficient sports lawyers in Dehradun take up legal disputes involving bias, misconduct, use of unfair means, cheating, and irregular activity carried out in the field of sports.

    Our Sports Lawyers in Dehradun can be consulted in issues related to:

    • Selection discrimination
    • Use of performance enhancing drugs and steroids
    • Use of unfair means/ rule breaking/ foul play
    • Issues related to age and credentials
    • Harassment or bias by coach/ association/ authority
    • Physical/ Mental/ Emotional Abuse
    • Sexual harassment/ sexual abuse
    • Issues related to injury etc.
    • Disputes related to Sports Advertising/ Marketing
    • Disputes related to funding/ sponsorship – state & private.

    Our sports lawyers also take up matters of false charges put on sportspersons with an intent and purpose of maligning their image and creating hurdle in their career growth. Our team of expert sports lawyers in Dehradun strive to provide adequate support and defense for the victim.

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