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  • Education is not only the foundation of your bright future but is a remedy for improving the lives of others with leaving the community and world better than you found it. Unfortunately, if you are encountering abolition of education law in any circumstances, an adroit and erudite education advocate can help you manage the egalitarian environment all over. And if you are questing for the best education lawyers in Chandigarh, B&B Associates is an esteemed law firm with a team of expert and experienced advocates.

    Education Lawyers in Chandigarh

    Our Indian constitution is designed to protect the rights of every citizen. And education law is one of them which assists in maintaining the legal discipline in the education system whether it’s related to kindergarten or higher education. You can hire our top education lawyers in Chandigarh for discrimination in education rights, issues related to student rights, teacher rights, special child rights, safety, discipline, and property management.

    How to Hire the Best Lawyer in Chandigarh for Education Matters?

    B&B Associates is an eminent law firm where you can find the top education lawyer, advocates, and legal advisors in Chandigarh. Our lawyers are diligent, seasoned, and thoroughly knowledgable about the education laws. Due to having profound insights in the arena, our advocates research well beforehand and then present your matter in the court or tribunal proficiently. You can fill up your details below with mentioning the matter for which you want to appoint the top education law advocates.

    The right advice and effective recourse is the key to success in an education matter. Consult our top education lawyers and best education law advocates now:

    Lawyers for Education Matters in Chandigarh

    Education matters come under the ambit of education law which is primarily related to the right to education and activities of educational institutions, teachers, and students. Nelson Mandela has rightly said, “Education is the only weapon that can change the world.” The right to Education (Article 21A) is a notable amendment of Constitution of India.

    It demands the State to provide “free and compulsory education to all children under the age of six to fourteen years.” This right has led to the establishment of Right to (free and compulsory) Education Act, 2009. The Act has detailed provisions regarding accessibility and quality of education. The best lawyers for education matters in Chandigarh look into the issues relating to:-

    1. Admission
    2. Selection
    3. Examination
    4. Expulsion
    5. Reservation etc.

    While drafting the rules of an educational institution, it is equally important to maintain reasonability to make sure that the rights of students are not undermined. At the same time, while seeking opportunities to study, it is important for the students to abide by the rules. Action against unfair means, ragging, corruption, and commercialization in education is imperative to uphold good standards and quality.

    The best lawyers for education matters in Chandigarh deal with cases concerning students, teachers, schools, colleges, university, and education policymakers. We, at B&B also have the best lawyers to provide defense for situations where a person is wrongly charged due to some malafide intention or personal vendetta.

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