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  • Corporate decisions should be made in the guidance of best corporate lawyers in Faridabad for the smooth sailing of the company. B&B Associates ensure right legal assistance in company matters with the help of proficient corporate attorneys who have thorough cognizance with the corporate laws. India is becoming a corporate hub with time. Every year thousands of companies are expanding their roots in India. For the proper functioning of a company, it needs strong legal support.

    Corporate Lawyers in Faridabad

    Companies might need assistance at various stages. Such assistance might include banking services, chartered accountants, Technical support, Legal advice in corporate matters, Contract building support, company secretaries, Accountants, etc. Corporate firms need legal support at every start and end of a project. B&B Associates is a renowned law firm which national and international clientele are trusting for best corporate legal assistance in Faridabad.

    Statutes for legal Assistance of a Company

    A lawyer working in a corporate field has to look forward to different corporate statutes. The corporate world is developing at a wider scale. Various law and statutes has been enacted in favor of the corporate firms. Such act and statutes are:-

    A lawyer to work in a corporate firm needs to have expertise in the field of the above statutes. A company might need the assistance of a lawyer in various aspects, starting from accounts of a company, legal contract making, and insurance matters of a company. The above-mentioned acts are safeguarding the rights of the thousands of running companies in India. India welcomes trade and the constitution of India is also encouraging the trade and commerce throughout the territory of India. Due to this Increase in trade affairs and the establishment of trade companies, the need for proper law establishment for corporate firms was also required. For immunity of private companies from illegal prodigy various statues regarding taxation, working of companies was created. To follow this, the right legal advice from an experienced corporate lawyer in Faridabad will be insightful.

    Rendered Services by Team of Best Corporate Lawyers in Faridabad

    The top law firm in Faridabad i.e., B&B Associates is equipped with the most talented, diligent, and erudite lawyers and advocates in Faridabad court. Years of experience which is praiseworthy, makes these legal personalities stand peerless in the field. The law firm comes up with a legal team having expertise in a different set of corporate fields such as: –


    Negotiation in the company sector is quite different from the term normal negotiation. Negotiation in a company matter involves certain legal obligations which have to be followed. A legal body should be present during negotiation of bonds, shares, real estate, monetary contracts. Legal assistance in negotiation can prevent the company from falling in the zone of negotiation by illegal means.

    Merger/ Acquisition

    Companies may contact law firms working for corporate sectors for assistance in merging of business or acquisition of the business. Merging a business means to merge two companies having different names working for the same cause. While acquisition means to acquire a small business of similar or exactly the same identity to make it a part of its own company. Legal assistance is mandatory while acquiring or merging through companies. An experienced corporate lawyer in Faridabad will help in contracting of acquisition and merging of the company.


    Business nowadays works differently than traditional trade practices. Big companies to work in more territory lend their company’s name to private individuals by way of franchising. Franchising of a company means giving away the name of the company to an individual for use of it to carry business by taking some royalty fee from that individual. Franchising requires proper legal paperwork to bind the company and an individual is a legal contract so that they must work in accordance with the law. Legal advice is provided by the B&B associates for distribution of franchise under legal guidelines.

    Information technology and cyber compliance

    Information technology is the way to provide business by the companies. Every company now works online through their selective domains. To do so the company has to keep data stored on online which then leaves the data sometimes unprotected from the hackers. Hackers sometimes go through the companies protected data and use it for illegal purpose. To protect companies from cyber obligations and to bring justice to the company against such illegal practices by the hackers, companies need expert lawyer’s advice


    Company’s work with a sole motive of earning more and more profit. For such cause, a company has to work by falling in more and more contracts with a different purpose. While making a contract a company should take assistance from a legal advisor. A legal advisor will make a contract following legal rules while adding necessary legal obligations to be followed by both the parties. Companies may be coming in tons of contracts, it is hard to make a contract in large mass without any legal assistance. B&B Associates is guiding a number of clients with the help of best corporate advocates in Faridabad for smooth contracting of the Company.

    Employment Contracts

    Employment contracts should be formed between the companies for proper regulation between employer and employees. Companies while making employees part of the company, should make them sign a contract binding them with certain legal speculations. Contracting with employees is made for a fixed prescribed term. There are many legal facts mentioned in the contract. Employees contract should be made with assistance from best lawyers in Faridabad.

    International Trade Agreement

    International, trade agreement with big companies should be made with the help of the most seasoned corporate lawyers in Faridabad, having knowledge of trade at international level. A corporate agreement made for international trade should be reviewed by a legal attorney.

    NSE, BSE, SEBI & Stock exchange litigation

    SEBI stands for stock exchange board of India, NSE stands for National stock exchange and BSE stands for Bombay Stock exchange. Our legal associates provide assistance in dealing with stocks including buying and selling stocks. Our associates are aware of the factors of stock markets, we help invest in best stock fields.


    Legal transfer of property is called conveyancing. Transfer of title of property requires a lot of paperwork. The paperwork should be done according to legal procedure. Companies acquire properties to expand the company and sell the property to generate money out of it. The said buy and sale of the property shall be done with the inclusion of legal team inside the corporate premises.

    Corporate documentation

    Companies work with the inclusion of paperwork. Most of the times the only interaction of a person with a company is a piece of paper. To hold a relation between individuals and the company, a contract with legal obligations is required. Thus for documentation of such contracts companies should take assistance from our legal team. Corporate documentation includes share documentation, property documentation, employee’s documentation, etc.

    Formation of Company

    According to section 3 of the companies act: –

    (1) A company may be formed for any lawful purpose by—

    (a) Seven or more persons, where the company to be formed is to be a public company;

    (b) Two or more persons, where the company to be formed is to be a private company; or

    (c) one person, where the company to be formed is to be One Person Company, that is to say, a private company, by subscribing their names or his name to a memorandum and complying with the requirements of this Act in respect of registration: Provided that the memorandum of One Person Company shall indicate the name of the other person, with his prior written consent in the prescribed form, who shall, in the event of the subscriber‘s death or his incapacity to contract become the member of the company and the written consent of such person shall also be filed with the Registrar at the time of incorporation of the One Person Company along with its memorandum and articles: Provided further that such other person may withdraw his consent in such manner as may be prescribed: Provided also that the member of One Person Company may at any time change the name of such other person by giving notice in such manner as may be prescribed: Provided also that it shall be the duty of the member of One Person Company to intimate the company the change, if any, in the name of the other person nominated by him by indicating in the memorandum or otherwise within such time and in such manner as may be prescribed, and the company shall intimate the Registrar any such change within such time and in such manner as may be prescribed: Provided also that any such change in the name of the person shall not be deemed to be an alteration of the memorandum.

    (2) A company formed under sub-section (1) may be either—

    (a) A company limited by shares; or

    (b) A company limited by guarantee; or

    (c) An unlimited company.

    Legal Assistance from the Top Corporate Lawyers in Faridabad with B&B Associates

    B&B legal team is dedicated and motivated for boosting up a company’s ranks by providing strong legal support. Every company wants to expand their roots in different altitudes of the nation, which requires legal paperwork, assembling more employee’s, more property licensing, buying of lands, territorial expansion, franchise distribution, the release of stocks, making of share bonds, international trade agreement, resolving of disputes between the parties, etc.

    To do so the company can seek assistance from B&B legal team of distinguished corporate lawyers in Faridabad. B&B has its roots expanded to the district, High court and honorable Supreme Court of India. With lawyers practicing in the field of company law from many years, We provide genuine guidance to all legal problems faced by the company sector working professionals.

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