Divorce Lawyers in Faridabad

  • Marriage is a sacred alliance which comes with plenty of dreams and expectations. But what if that proves to be a misfortunate decision of your life? No worries, if you are looking for the best divorce lawyers in Faridabad, just take a look at the experienced and accomplished lawyers and advocates list of B&B Associates LLP. Unhappy marriages are raising the stats of divorce cases in India. Legal proceedings and specifically divorce matters are highly enervative in nature. But our doyen divorce lawyers in Faridabad can alleviate that to a greater extent.

    Divorce Lawyers in Faridabad

    Our team works by keeping all practical aspects into consideration while handling such matrimonial matters. Actually, we are not home breakers. Our senior divorce advocates in Faridabad toil for every possible effort to bring the case to a desirable end. The empathetic attitude of our lawyers makes it easy for the spouse to file the divorce petition. For better convenience, scrutinize the list of lawyers and advocates at B&B Associates LLP. Whether your requirement is for a High Court divorce lawyer or a seasoned Supreme Court divorce lawyer, you are at the right place.

    How to Pick the Best Divorce Lawyer in Faridabad?

    Faridabad is the most populous city of Haryana state. The prevalence of matrimonial disputes is also disheartening over here. But it is good that women are becoming aware of their rights and therefore exercising them with the help of best family lawyers in Faridabad. We know that it must be really ambiguous for you to pick a distinguished divorce lawyer in Faridabad, but that ambiguity will fly away when you will come in contact with the proficient and seasoned lawyers accessible at B&B Associates LLP.

    We have been serving since 1965 with our entire client-centered approach. The ceaseless and strategic effort of divorce lawyers in Faridabad is what makes us peerless in the field. Here you can discuss your matter with the seasoned and illustrious divorce lawyers in Faridabad court, Punjab and Haryana High Court and Supreme Court.

    Grounds for Divorce in India

    How to file a divorce in India? What are the legal grounds for filing a divorce petition in India? This is a must to have information which you need to be familiar with in advance. There are different laws and acts which are governing the divorce procedure in India which includes Hindu Marriage Act, Muslim Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, Christian Law, Parsi Marriage Act, Indian Divorce Act, etc.

    Even this sacred union of the two individuals i.e., marriage doesn’t come with the assurance of finality. There are chances that it may not work out. There are different legal reasons on the grounds of which you can file the divorce petition. Further mentioned are them.

    Grounds for Divorce under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

    • Venereal disease
    • Adultery
    • Cruelty
    • Insanity
    • Desertion
    • Conversion
    • Renunciation
    • Leprosy
    • Presumption of death

    These are the most common grounds for divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act section 13(1). And other grounds can be bigamy, sodomy, rape, domestic violence, etc can also act as the legal reason behind divorce petition. Consulting our top divorce lawyers in Faridabad will guide you better to handle whole of this exhaustible legal proceeding with ease.

    Grounds for Judicial Divorce under Muslim Law

    The dissolution of Muslim Marriage act, 1939 governs the grounds and laws related to divorce matters. Recently on July 30, 2019, a historical bill has passed in the Indian parliament regarding Muslim divorce. According to which the triple talaq system is being criminalized in India. Previously the Muslim divorce cases were happening in emails, telephones, text messages, skype, etc. The grounds for divorce under Muslim law includes

    • Whereabouts are unknown for approximately 4 years of one of the spouse.
    • Husband failed at providing maintenance to the wife for at least 2 years.
    • Inability to meet marriage obligations.
    • Husband is imprisoned for 7-8 years.
    • Muslim girl who is married at the age of 15 can file the divorce petition before she turns 18.
    • Cruelty.

    Rest there can be some other legal reasons too for the Muslim divorce.

    So the legal basis for filing a divorce petition is almost the same in all laws. Knowing the legal rights and then exercising them for the safeguard of your interest and rights, it is mandatory to acquaint yourself with law and order.

    Types of Divorce

    Being considered as an inexhaustible bond, dissolving a marriage is not easy at all and specifically in India. The statistics show well that divorce is the only case which is much time-consuming in comparison to others. And the answer for how long does a divorce process take in India will depend upon the types of the divorce matter. There are two main types of divorce cases i.e.,

    • Divorce with mutual consent.
    • Contested divorce.

    Divorce with Mutual Consent

    There are very rare cases when both parties agree in a divorce matter. Divorce with mutual consent is less time consuming and takes place under the Hindu Marriage Act, Section 13(B). And rest the claims and other responsibilities will be decided outside the court in these mutual consent divorces.

    Contested Divorce

    In most of the registered divorce cases, it is of contested type. A contested divorce is that in which one of the spouses disagrees to the petition either due to some emotional reasons or some claim reasons. In order to file a contested divorce in India, There needs to be a strong ground for that petition.

    Legal Services during Divorce Procedure by Our Accomplished Divorce Lawyers in Faridabad

    Marriage dissolution can lead to mental breakdown and emotion rollercoaster. The senior divorce lawyers in Faridabad at B&B Associates are handling these matters with prudence and empathetic attitude. Instead of being the home breaker lawyers, we are the one who will always look for a little light of hope where we can restore the relationship of the couple. But if the matter is serious, divorce is mandatory in that case and the right legal help too. Check out the legal services you can opt for during a matrimonial dispute.


    Back in the days, mediation was only considered with the industrial disputes under the governance of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947. Mediation is introduced in the legal system for the easy settlement of disputes with the help of ADR lawyers. Whether it’s a business matter or a marital dispute, all kind of mediation falls under the same laws and rules. But mediation for matrimonial disputes demands a much softer approach. As it is an estranged relationship and there is an emotional arena too.

    What if you can happily go after the reconciliation of your matrimonial dispute without proceeding further for divorce procedure? Yes, that is the magic and statistics of mediation processes. Here one impartial mediator will witness all the dispute settlement arguments between the spouses and then even after that the matter is not resolved, a couple can go ahead with the divorce process. Mediation can be of two types, i.e.,

    • Private mediation
    • Court annexed mediation

    Judicial Separation

    Section 10 of the Hindu Marriage Act has explained the judicial separation quite well. Judicial separation is a kind of divorce from bed and board. It means in a legal separation, there will be no termination of the marriage. The couple will be legally allowed to stay apart without the dissolution of marriage. Spouses may go for this judicial separation due to some temperamental emotions.

    Unhappy marriages don’t contain anything else than misunderstandings, lack of faith, disinterest, anger, annoyance, and hate. Either this legal separation can be really helpful for the restoration of the healthy marital relationship or will help you decide about the divorce petition. The spouses, in that case, are not allowed to marry. They can file the petition for dissolution of marriage and then can go for marriage.

    Annulment in India

    It is one another process which comes under matrimonial disputes settlement matters which results in nullifying the marriage in India. Annulment is a legal procedure through which a marriage is proved void or voidable. This proves that a marriage never existed legally. There can be different grounds for annulment of marriage in India which can be a mental disorder, illegal age, inability to consummate the marriage, incapable of giving consent, insanity, and leprosy. And the conditions under which a marriage can be proved voidable under Section 12 of Hindu Marriage Act can be

    • Consent by fraud.
    • Consent by force.
    • Pregnancy at the time of marriage.
    • Concealment of any serious material things like a criminal record, past, age, or any other information.

    Divorce Procedure in India

    Dissolution of marriage takes a lot on your part whether it’s physical, mental, or monetary. Divorce with mutual consent is not exhaustible as it is in a contested type. The process takes at least two hearings and is also avoid monetary losses in that case. But while it’s a contested divorce the process may take way too long and is highly enervative too. But when you are able to find the best divorce lawyer in Faridabad, the process will not be so debilitating. You can find the most seasoned and proficient lawyers, advocates, and legal advisors for divorce matters in Faridabad with B&B Associates LLP. Following are the steps involved in the divorce process in India.

    • Draft and file the divorce petition.
    • Informing the other party with the summons.
    • Response
    • Trial
    • Interim Orders.
    • Argument
    • Final order

    Documents Required for Divorce in India

    • Address proof of husband/wife.
    • 2 passport size photos.
    • Past 2-3 years income tax statements.
    • Petitioner’s profession and remuneration details.
    • Marriage certificate.
    • Family background details of the petitioner.
    • Assets owned by the petitioner.
    • Evidence proving that spouses are living separately from at least 1 year.
    • Evidence related to failed reconciliation attempts.

    These are the documents you need to carry with yourself while about to file the divorce petition in India. And the three conditions which you need to fulfill for where to file the divorce petition in India include

    • The court of the place where the couple last lived.
    • The court of the place where the marriage is solemnized.
    • The place where the wife is living at present.

    Legal Matters for Which You Can Take Help of Our Senior Divorce Lawyers in Faridabad

    • Alimony
    • Restitution of conjugal rights
    • Maintenance
    • Child custody
    • Child maintenance
    • Mediation
    • Visitation
    • Justice in case of domestic violence

    Why Trust B&B Associates for Best Divorce Lawyers, Advocates, and Legal Advisors in Faridabad?

    As we have discussed the contested divorce procedure in India can be a really financially and mentally draining for a longer period. Here a thing which you can really quest upon is the best divorce lawyers near me. Yes, this can help alleviate the anguish to a certain level. And if you are distressed looking for the best divorce advocates in Faridabad, B&B Associates LLP can provide you the right recourse of action.

    B&B Associates LLP is an eminent law firm in Faridabad which is having erudite and astute lawyers and advocates with an astounding record. We focus on providing the most impeccable legal services which can cater to the requirement of every justice seeker. And if you are specifically looking for a seasoned senior lady advocate in Faridabad, B&B is the right place to visit then. We not only help you in the divorce proceedings but if you have some hopes for reinstating your marital relationship, our team is proficient at doing that too. Here are some qualities that make us an unimpeachable law firm for gaining and retaining your trust in our accomplished divorce matter lawyers in Faridabad.

    1. High court and Supreme Court lawyers and advocates.
    2. Senior advocates with 37+years of experience.
    3. Legal help for all matters.
    4. Acclaimed law firm.
    5. Vigilant, shrewd, and doyen lawyers.
    6. Higher cognizance with law and order.
    7. Empathetic and client-centered approach.
    8. Toil efforts and prudent legal strategies.

    Besides that, there is much more you can encounter while hiring our distinguished divorce lawyers in Faridabad. Whether it’s a mutual consent divorce or contested one, our lawyers show prowess in both the cases. So just be cautious for picking up a right divorce lawyer for you.

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