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  • “No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence” great words by Martin Luther King. And the team of highly proficient industrial/factory lawyers in Faridabad at B&B Associates is diligently working to safeguard the interest of every worker/employee. In fact, employers are also getting the right recourse for their problems at the workplace. The assiduous lawyers here are highly insightful and handle the industrial matters with greater discernment. And therefore recognized as the best lawyers in Faridabad court.

    Industrial/Factory Law Lawyers in Faridabad

    Whether it is about discrimination at the workplace or any kind of unfair labor practice, our top industrial/factory advocates in Faridabad are bringing every case to a justifiable end. Protection of workforce’s and management’s rights, privileges, obligations, and responsibilities are what these industrial attorneys are going to do for the clients. As quoted,” a happy employee is a productive employee. And the Indian constitution with some legal documents ensures this protection to the maximum. The idea of creating this alliance of expert lawyers for industrial/factory matters in Faridabad is to help this industrial hub of Haryana with best legal services.

    How can You Reach the Best Industrial/Factory Lawyers in Faridabad

    A competent lawyer will change your perception towards the professionals working in this arena and towards Indian judicial system too. Resolving legal matters with a thorough study and investigation of the matter is what B&B Associates team excels at. In addition to being able to consult the best industrial/factory lawyers near you with us, years of experience (district courts, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Supreme Court) make us a highly dependable law firm in Faridabad. The way to reach our distinguished lawyers and advocates in Faridabad is much easier and is mentioned over here

    Industrial Laws in India

    Although our eminent industry lawyers in Faridabad are guiding and assisting every client thoroughly throughout the legal proceeding. Being familiar with employment/labor/industry/factory laws in India will keep you aware of your rights and responsibilities. So that you can avoid falling into a quagmire. Here are some major laws and acts which governs the labor laws in India.

    Factories Act, 1948

    The basic idea behind inserting this act into the Indian legal system is to ensure the maximum safety of the workers. This amazing contribution is made by the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

    A factory can be one

    • Power aided manufacturing processes ongoing in any part including 10 or more workers.
    • Manufacturing processes running in any part without the aid of power with the help of 20 or more workers.

    Genius can never despise labor and Factories Act will never let anyone exploit the labor. It encircles all matters related to health, hygiene, wages, leaves, and other amenities at the workplace. It is the duty of chief inspector of the factory and the staff to create and maintain a healthy and safer work environment for the labor. Some other key points to be familiar with in this act can be.

    • Working hours (8 hours maximum).
    • 48 working hours per week with one holiday.
    • Setting up a canteen when there are more than 250 workers.
    • A factory with more than 50 female workers must be equipped with a crèche.
    • Water, sanitation, and hygiene.
    • Cleanliness in washrooms and in whole working premises.
    • Arrangement of a doctor and ambulance for an organization of 500 and more workers. In addition appointment of a labor officer.

    So all these facilities and many others constitute this Factory Act, 1948. This encompasses the overall safety of a worker at the workplace.

    Industrial Disputes Act, 1947

    As the act is self-explanatory, this promotes sound industrial relations and smooth ongoing business processes by providing remedial measures for every kind of industrial dispute. Introduced on April 1st, 1947, this act extends to the whole of India.

    Authorities under the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947

    • Works committee
    • Conciliation officer
    • Boards of Conciliation
    • Court of inquiry
    • Labor court
    • Industrial tribunal
    • National tribunal

    All these authorities with their collaborative efforts keep building and maintaining healthy business relationships among different organizations. Reconciling the industrial disputes and reaching a common agreement between the parties. It deals with bargaining, negotiations, mediation, reconciliation, arbitration, adjudication, etc.

    Major Objectives of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947

    • Machinery and procedure for the industrial dispute settlement.
    • Creating, maintaining and restitution of healthy relationship between employee and employer.
    • Promotion of industrialization, economic growth, and social harmony.
    • Fulfillment of labor demands with legit strikes without harming any private or public property.
    • Impartial and fair dispute settlement authorities.
    • Prohibition of illegal strikes and lockouts.
    • Provision of compensation to the workman at the time of lay off or retrenchment.

    So to bring business on a smooth and successful track, it is the workforce which needs to be treated right and better. Because a satisfied workforce can help a business touch the heights of success in real-time. Some other acts which hold major importance in industrial/factory laws are

    Why B&B Associates is Sought Most for Best Industrial/Factory Law Lawyer in Faridabad?

    An ideal law firm i.e., B&B Associates with the commendable contribution to the legal system since 1965 with most talented lawyers contains an illustrious record. Our whole team collaborates to promote social justice and industrial harmony. Therefore worked and working towards the objective diligently which consequently lead us to the achievement of being the best industrial/factory law advocates in Faridabad.

    The law firm is there with seasoned and well-practiced industry lawyers who are carrying 37+ years of experience in all legal matters. And we are also equipped with young talented lawyers too. And being experienced in High Court and Supreme Court matters increases our dependability and which is leading us to become #1 law firm in Faridabad and choice of umpteen. Our veteran industrial/factory lawyers in Faridabad has been entrusted by national as well as international clientele for thousand of matters. And the toil made us match right to their expectations with most genuine and impeccable legal services.

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