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  • Intellectual property is the inventories created out of one’s creative minds. These creations are inventories, artistic symbols, names, designs, images, mechanical inventions, chemistry formulas, medical inventories. Intellectual property can be in a software form or it can also be in hard physical existing form. Intellectual property rights are protected in India through intellectual property laws. Intellectual services such as patent registration, design registration, reclaiming the copyright, and registering for copyrights need legal assistance from best intellectual property lawyers in Faridabad.

    Intellectual Property Lawyers In Faridabad

    Your intellectual property is your greatest asset which money cannot buy. And whatever you create or invent with your intellect is your personal property. And intellectual property rights help you keep that safe from being imitated. Our diligent intellectual property lawyers in Faridabad have a prestigious record in leading the clients to justice and safeguarding their interests as well as their IPR. Therefore trusted by national and international clients for highly reliable legal services and transparent legal proceedings.

    Thorough Cognizance of Our Intellectual Property Lawyers in Faridabad with IPR statutes

    Various statutes were needed to keep in the record of the intellectual property right of the individuals and the companies. To do so different laws and statutes were framed which are

    The above statutes were framed for better functioning and record-keeping of intellectual property in India. It is because of these laws rights of people has been kept safe otherwise it may have chaos in public business.

    Intellectual property Types

    Following are the main four types of intellectual property laws:

    Best Lawyers in Faridabad for Patent Right Matters

    Patent law is a major type of intellectual property which deals with patent inventions. The first patent which was recorded was in the year 1421 in Florence to an architect named Filippo Brunelleschi. Since then patent recording has helped many inventors to keep safe their inventions. Patent law is safeguarding rights of many inventors.

    History of patents includes patent of car engines like V8 engine owned by Henry Ford, Heating coils, Water pumps, Bottle caps, razors etc. Every little invention is owned under patency. Even business practices can also be patented, along with mathematical equations, Physics inventions, and chemistry formulas. If an invention is already discovered and tangible changes have been made in that, then the modified inventions can also be patented.

    A patent can be granted if an invention is new and useful and it is not natural or obvious. The legal bodies allow the owner of the patent to pass the patent on transferring through its license while claiming some fee in return of it within 20 years. If any person infringes the rights of the inventor by using the patent object without license. A person causing infringement will be treated as an offender and can be questioned in the court of justice. For applying for and defending a patent it is suggested to take into account advice of the best IPR lawyers in Faridabad for patent rights.

    Top Lawyers in Faridabad for Trademark Matters

    Trademarks is a source in form of word or symbol or design which makes a product or a service different from the other products and services of one business from its competitors. In order to get a trademark the sign or mark must be different from that of others. To check the availability of the mark thorough research should be conducted with the help from top intellectual property advocates in Faridabad for trademark matters.

    To get a trademark one must represent the mark clearly, design templates of the mark can be used while registration. Also it should be mentioned that on which category the mark will apply. It should be made sure that a similar kind of mark is not in use by any other company or individual for the same kind of services.

    An application for a trademark can be made online at by filling out all the required details. The trademark application made shall be made in accordance with all the legal guidance while taking legal assistance from best legal practitioners in Faridabad. Trademarks in India according to trademarks act 1999 expires after 10 years. A trademark after the expiry of the said time can be renewed again.

    IPR Advocates in Faridabad for Trade Secret Matters

    Trade secret can be a process, a device, a formula or any kind of business information which is to be kept private by the company for own business advantage. Secret trade includes soda formula owned by different soda manufacturers. For instance, Coca cola has a secret formula which is known to just two people and is kept safe under trade secrets. Trade secret may also include Customer lists, survey lists and computer algorithms.

    Trade secrets cannot be kept safe by getting them registered, it should be kept safe within the company. Company shall take measures to protect their formulas and business manuscripts from getting leaked. A close look at rivals shall be kept as to check if they are in possession of their secret business formulas and using it for their own good. If any employee of the company leaks the secret data then legal actions can be taken against that employee with guidance from veteran IPR lawyers in Faridabad for trade secrets protection.

    IPR Lawyers in Faridabad for Copyright Matters

    Copyrights protect original works of authorship, such as literary works, music, dramatic works, sculptural, pictorial, and graphic works, sound recordings, artistic works, architectural works, and computer software. Copyright protection provides protection against the use of the said thing for use by the other person.

    By taking the Copyright the author has the exclusive right to modify, distribute, display and copy that work. To get copyright the thing to be copyrighted must be expressed in a tangible way. The thing to be copyrighted must be put on a paper or some other object or medium by which it can be clearly viewed. A copyright can be taken with the help of a law practitioner in the field of intellectual property. And our versatile team of best lawyers in Faridabad for copyright is handling these matters with vigilance whether it’s about copyright registration or any kind of infringement.

    B&B Associates LLP for the Most Seasoned Intellectual Property Lawyers in Faridabad

    We are not only a legal entity whose only focus is to get clients. But our team of earnest and assiduous lawyers in Faridabad takes it as their prime responsibility to creating an environment with complete social harmony. Dealing with clients with an empathetic and transparent approach let them trust B&B Associates LLP for providing a right resort. While someone have to indulge in legal matters, the first thing comes in mind is experience (which needs to be unimpeachable).We have senior lawyers in Faridabad court (District courts, Punjab and Haryana High Court, and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India) carrying an experience of 37+years. The firm is equipped with young and erudite lawyers too whose energy is astounding and required in the profession as well.

    Our team of best lawyers for intellectual property in Faridabad can be contacted for registration of patent, registration of trademarks, and registration of copyrights. Our lawyers are also handling in cases of infringement of intellectual property rights. B&B Legal team has legally provided remedies and justice to the wrongdoers infringing the copyright laws in India. Our Faridabad team is tied up with companies to safeguard the rights of the company’s, inventors and individuals. We offer walk-in as well as on-call counselling with our experienced legal associates.

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