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  • What arises the need for the best international law lawyers in Chandigarh for you? How can an expert international law advocate help you? International law consists of a set of common and customary principles governing the relationship between nations. Much recently, international law has also started to recognize the relationship of an individual with another state, and relations between international organizations. Traditionally, states were the only subject of international law but today, individuals and international organizations also come under its domain.

    International law lawyers in Chandigarh

    International law is primarily governed by various agreements, treaties, conventions that the contracting parties agree upon. There are many international organizations such as the United Nations, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, Common Wealth Organization, etc., play a major role in inviting states to agree on basic standards of international conduct. Upon mutual agreement, the States are under an obligation to implement domestic legislation in order to comply with international principles they agree upon.

    The main aim of international organizations is to promote peace and cooperation among state parties. At B&B Associates, best lawyers for International Law in Chandigarh look after both public and private international law, dealing with all complexities at an international level and providing services relating to litigation and documentation.

    Consult an Illustrious International Law Lawyer in Chandigarh with B&B Associates

    Unfortunately, the time you fall into a legal matter, you will surely quest for a proficient and seasoned lawyer to handle your case. B&B Associates is a recognized law firm in Chandigarh with impeccable legal services. And you can find our lawyers in the list of senior advocates in Chandigarh High Court and Supreme Court. In addition to diligence and profound knowledge of their specialized fields, the experience of more than 35 years. So your case will be in safer hands for sure. With B&B, you can consult the best international law lawyers, advocates, and legal advisors in Chandigarh.

    The right advice and effective recourse is the key to success in an international matter. Consult our top international lawyers and best international law advocates now:

    Enforcement of International Law in Indian Legal System

    International law has diverse effects on domestic law around the world. In some countries, the judiciary can directly execute the international treaties, also known as self-executing treaties. But in countries like India, international treaties cannot automatically become part of national law. The constitution of India follows “dualistic theory” when it comes to incorporating international treaties into domestic law. This is done by proper incorporation of the international treaties into the legal system by the legislation.

    The Indian judiciary plays a very practical role in executing India’s international obligations under international treaties. The court when under ambiguity, refer to international conventions for construction of national legislation. legal assistance is an important part of international law. It simply means a healthy level of cooperation between states based on the principle of comity. Illegal trafficking of drugs, arms and human beings and other transnational crimes can only be controlled when states are ready to cooperate with each other.

    The lawyers for international law in Chandigarh at B&B Associates are well-versed with the constitution of India. The constitutional law lays down provisions and aspects with special reference to international law.

    1. The Preamble sets down basic philosophies that the citizens of India should strive to achieve as a nation. such basic principles are universal in nature serving the essence of true democracy.
    2. The Fundamental Rights presented in Part III along with the Directive Principle of state Policy presented in part IV, have a sharing feature with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This shows the great influence of international law.
    3. Fundamental Duties through Article 51 A  effects the UDHR emphasizing on individual duty towards the community at large.
    4. Fostering International Relation through Article 51 of the Constitution. under this Article, states are directed to promote international peace and security, maintain just and honorable relations between nations, Foster respect for international law and treaty obligations in dealings of organized peoples with one another; and to encourage settlement of international disputes by arbitration.
    5. Power with the Government of India, Article 253, under which Parliament can enact laws to implement international obligations.
    6. Treaty-making power with the executive under Article 73.
    7. Extra-territorial jurisdiction, under Article 260 where Government of India can enter into an agreement with the foreign state to undertake legislative, executive or judicial functions in such territory.

    Sources of International Law

    International law is considered to be a set of rules that legally bind the states when they interact with each other. In particular, there is no international law parliament and legislation and so, no ‘Code of International Law’. The basis of international law is the common consent subjected to certain conditions.

    Jurisdiction point view of the international law mainly depends upon the consent of States even though there is a range of specialized courts including an International Court of Justice. Therefore, the actions of the international community made by 192 states collectively generate international law. The source of such actions under international law is listed in Article 38(1) of the Statue of the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE.

    1. Treaties/Conventions- general or specific rules expressed by the contesting states;
    2. Customary laws- a general practice that is accepted by law;
    3. General Law principles-recognised by nations
    4. Subsidiary means- (subject to the provisions of Articles 59)- teachings, judicial decisions of highly qualified scholars of nations

    Best Lawyers for Private International Law in Chandigarh 

    This part of the law has a set of rules that administers disputes between some private individuals who cross international bodies. If a dispute arises between two parties, residing in different countries and having different legal systems, then private international law while helping the court will ascertain the substantive law of which country will be used to decide the matter. Each country will have its own set of private international law. The team of best lawyers for international law in Chandigarh is fully experienced in the field of Private International law.

    Best Lawyers for Public International Law in Chandigarh

    This part of law usually is in form of conventions, treaties or covenants, governing the relations between nations (states), United Nations and other international organizations that hold international personality. Lawyers for International Law in Chandigarh are well versed with the rules that govern the public international law that covers a wide range of activities like diplomatic relations, trades, human rights, war, and sharing of resources. Under this subject responsibility and legal rights of one state against another state are set out and we at B&B Associates pay a great deal of attention as to whether these legal rights are preserved in right full manner or not.

    Lawyers for International law in Chandigarh are well versed in the International Justice system.

    The International Court of Justice  (ICJ) which is the judicial branch of the United Nations settles legal disputes between States. However, the International Court of Justice is not taken a ‘world court’ in a broad sense. None of the international organizations and private persons are permitted to institute proceedings before the ICJ, only States can apply and appear.

    On the other hand, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has jurisdiction over criminal matters of international nature i.e. International Crimes. International Crimes are largely recognized as crimes against peace, a crime against humanity, a crime of genocide and a war crime. The best lawyers for international law in Chandigarh aim at protecting the rights of the State as well as rights of the individual with detailed knowledge and understanding of International Law.

    At B&B Associates we assure timely and effective representation by our best lawyers and professionals to ensure exceptional services and to achieve our clients’ goals at the international level. And if there is any issue related to Non-Resident Indians, you can connect to us for top NRI lawyers in Chandigarh too.

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