Mrs. Savita Bhandari

Advocate, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh


Upon graduating from Faculty of Law, Delhi University in the year 1981, Mrs. Savita Bhandari embarked upon a journey as a lawyer and began to conceive, manage and decode the most exigent lawsuits. With complete know-how and dexterity, she focuses on Civil, Criminal, Writ, Family/Matrimonial, Corporate and Constitutional Laws methodically. Mrs. Bhandari has also been an advisory and aid to major national and international corporate entities. Mrs. Bhandari brings perfection to her lawsuits and conducts profession with utmost seriousness and dedication. It is for this reason that Mrs. Bhandari is well known among the Best Advocate in Punjab and Haryana High Court.


Over 37 years of notable legal practice

Along with her deep knowledge into legal field, Mrs. Bhandari holds a humble and sensitive approach towards client’s needs and apprehends the issues forthwith.  An effective orator, she presents value laden, pragmatic and prudent arguments in a constructive manner.  A constant seeker as well as caterer of knowledge, wisdom and expertise – Mrs. Bhandari delivers as a guest lecturer at various institutions and has been a mentor, teacher and a guide to many looming legal experts and Judicial and Civil Services aspirants.

Addressing social causes:

Abridging the vast gap of knowledge by mobilizing youth to initiate environmental protection, outreach and advocate projects which help communities come up with a sustainable adaptation solutions through a bottoms-up approach. Mrs. Bhandari has co-founded the non-profit initiative – “People Canvas”. Mrs, Bhandari has also been actively engaged in pro-bono, women welfare and protection of rights of children, elderly and minorities. A champion at constitutional law and writ litigation, Mrs. Bhandari has actively criticised inequality and oppression of any kind in the society and have shown utmost solidarity towards principles of law, righteousness and justice. She has also been actively helping the minorities from suffering an infringement of rights at the hands of the majority. Mrs. Bhandari has lead with an example and has successfully standout as an accomplished law practitioner.

Legal Expertise:

Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial, Bank DRT, Service, Constitutional, NRI Disputes

Best Advocates in Punjab and Haryana High Court - Mrs. Bhandari

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