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In a shocking incident reported in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, as many as ten teachers including the principal of a government school have been booked for allegedly gang-raping and molesting four students over a period of one year. The accused include two women teachers who allegedly shot the videos of the act.

The incident came to light after the father of a victim asked her why she wasn’t going to school. The victim, who is a class 10 student, told her father about the whole incident.

She alleged that she was gang-raped by the principal of her school and three other teachers for over a year. The victim also added that two women teachers were also involved in the crime and were filming videos of the act.

Mandhana police station officer Mukesh Yadav said that three different cases have been filed in connection to the complaint and the investigation is underway. They are booked under the provisions of POCSO Act.

During the investigation, three more students broke the silence and accused the principal and teachers of gang rape. The three were Class 6, Class 4 and Class 3 students. The accused also submitted that the teachers had threatened to kill them if they reported the incident to anybody.

One of the victims stated that when they tried to complain to a female teacher, she lured the girls with an offer to pay their school fees and also for their books.

“After this, Madam took me to the house of three teachers — including that of the principal — several times. All the teachers consumed alcohol in the house. Later, they took off my clothes and did wrong things to me,” the victim said during an interview.

It was also reported that when the father of one of the victims visited the school to complain about the matter, the principal told him that his brother is a minister. “He told me if I complain, he will kill me,” the father said.

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