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  1. All Ukrainian men aged between 18 to 60 are now banned from leaving the country, says Ukraine’s state border guard service (DPSA).
  2. 137 Ukrainian civilians and military personnel died.
  3. 83 land-based Ukrainian targets were destroyed on the first day of the invasion
  4. People in Russia are on the streets to protest against the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. As per OVD Info, over 1758 people have been detained in anti-war protests in 55 cities of Russia. It includes 967 people in Moscow and 431 in Saint Petersburg. OVD-Info is an independent Russian human rights media project aimed at combating political persecution.
  5. A petition has been started by an eminent human rights advocate Lev Ponomavyov which garnered over 150000 signatures within a few hours 289,000 at the end of the day.
  6. Over 250 journalists, 250 scientists, and 194 municipal members have signed separate open letters against war.
  7. Russia carried out 203 attacks since the beginning of the invasion, Ukraine police said.
  8. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence claimed that Russia had lost about 800 soldiers while it destroyed over 30 Russian tanks and more than 130 armoured vehicles, as well as at least five aircraft and six helicopters.
  9. Two loud explosions were heard in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv on early Friday.
  10. Nearly 16,000 Indians are stranded in Ukraine.


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