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The police have arrested a man for allegedly throwing a street dog into the Upper Lake in Bhopal. The development came after a video of a man got surfaced on the internet in which he can be seen laughing and throwing the dog into the lake.

25-year old Salman Khan has been held on Monday from the Qazi camp of Bhopal. A case has been registered against him under section 429 (mischief of killing or maiming any animal) of the Indian Penal Code and also under the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

After the video went viral on Sunday, many claimed the location to be Boat Club Road near Van Vihar on the Banks of the Upper Lake.

“The video was shot four days back at the Boat Club Road, and an investigation is underway,” stated a police official from Shyamla police station.

While talking to reporters, Salman apologized for his act calling it a mistake.

In the video, the man picked up one of the two street dogs while smiling towards the person shooting the video, and threw him into the river. He can be seen enjoying this cruel act. Irked over the incident, the video has been shared by netizens expressing a lot of anger.

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