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A 41 year old man, Faiz Siddiqui has sued his Dubai-based parents seeking lifelong financial support to maintain himself in the United Kingdom. Faiz is an Oxford University graduate and is currently unemployed.

Siddique is fighting a first-of-its-kind case which can affect the rights of parents in the UK.

As per Siddiqui, his parents Rakshanda (mother) and Javed (father) are living in Dubai and are quite wealthy. He is currently living in a posh flat near Hyde Park in central London. His parents have let him live rent free in that flat worth £1million (INR 10,13,64,914). They also pay for their monthly bills. Siddiqui is currently receiving a monthly allowance of £400 (INR 40,548) from his parents.

He submitted that he is a vulnerable grown-up child due to his health issues and therefore, his parents owe him money. The man has worked with a lot of law firms and claimed that in case if his parents will deny the financial support, it would amount to violation of human rights.

This is not the first time for Siddiqui that he is suing someone for money. Recently, he sued Oxford University, for sub-par teaching that led to his eventual unemployment. He made several allegations against the boring tuition and bad and inadequate teaching in addition to blaming his tutors as he had to give exams during insomnia and depression.

However, his appeal seeking £1million compensation was rejected by the court after finding no evidence in the case.

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