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A 22-year-old Muslim boy, who was detained in connection to the missing of a minor Hindu girl in Kasganj district of Uttar Pradesh was found dead in police custody. The girl still remains missing. The incident raised everyone’s eyebrows after hearing the police’s claims about the death.

However, the deceased’s father, Chand Miyan has withdrawn his complaint against the police. He had claimed in a handwritten note that his son Altaf was suffering from depression and had died of suicide.

“Altaf was brought in for questioning in connection with a kidnapping case. During interrogation, he excused himself to use the toilet. When he did not return for a while, we checked and he was found sprawled, with his neck tied to the tap. He was breathing when we rushed him to the nearest medical centre, but he could not make it,” Kasganj SP Botre Rohan Pramod.

Five police officials, including one SHO, two sub-inspectors, and two constables, were suspended for negligence.

Why UP Police Claims Are Hard To Believe?

Images of the deceased are being shared on social media which seems suspicious. Altaf was found hanging with a not so strong water pipe in a toilet in the police lockup. What’s unbelievable is how a 5-6 ft person can hang himself with a 1.5 ft tap and that too using the drawstring of his jacket hood.

Altaf, a labourer from Nagla Syed in Kasganj, was picked up by the police on Monday for questioning in connection to the complaint filed by the parents of a 16-year-old girl who went missing.

On Tuesday night, Altaf’s father had accused the police of murdering his son. But in another video released later, he said, “I spoke to doctors, police, and came to know Altaf died by suicide. Police took him to hospital as well. I am satisfied with the police action.”


He was booked under Section 363 (kidnapping) and Section 366 (abduction, inducing a woman to compel her for marriage) of the IPC. As per the sources, the police may invoke Sections of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. But the police have not invoked the provisions of anti-conversion law as there were no such allegations posed by the complainant.

Died of Asphyxia: Autopsy Report

As per the autopsy report, he died of asphyxia. The report has mentioned the three ligature marks around Altaf’s neck. A ligature mark is a pressure mark on the neck, under the ligature, often caused due to hanging. The report called them all antemortem injuries (injuries received before death, which can also act as a cause of death) and reported no other injuries in the body.

However, the family of the deceased has alleged that there were some serious injuries on his body.

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