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In a case of massive misuse of women’s rights, Haryana State Commission for Women has written to the state DGP and Chief Minister seeking the formation of SIT to probe the multiple rape cases filed by a woman in Gurugram.

As per the reports, the woman has filed seven rape cases against seven men in seven different police stations over the period of one year. Two of the seven cases have been proved false by the police.

Preeti Bhardwaj Dalal, chairperson of Haryana State Commission For Women took cognizance of the complaint filed by independent journalist, documentary filmmaker, and men’s rights activist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj.

Laws Are Like Double-Edged Weapons

In the letter, Dalal requested that the SIT should have at least one male officer and one female officer. It may constitute three other officers.

While calling for a thorough and stricter investigation, Dalal wrote, “the case presumably had linings of criminal activities which may be similar to sexpionage, extortion, femme fatale – honey trapping. Laws are like double-edged weapons. If they are made to protect the rights of a person, they can also be misused to throttle the liberty of opponents.”

As per the complaint, the 20-year old woman used to blackmail the men and force them to marry her. In the seven different cases, she has accused the men of raping her on the pretext of marriage.

The complaint also mentioned that the woman married a 24-year-old man after blackmailing him for registering a rape case this August. Despite being married, she filed another complaint accusing a man of rape on the promise of marriage.

“It’s came to my notice that she has filed six different rape cases on six different men at six police stations in Gurugram within just one year between 2020-2021. She has also allegedly got two police officials suspended for non-action in her cases as they understood her modus operandi and did not follow her directions,” the complaint stated.

The laws which are meant to protect women are being misused by some, therefore losing their value. Fake rape cases are coming in the way of delivering justice to the rape victims who had gone through the worst.

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj’s documentary “Martyrs of Marriage” is an eye-opener that everyone should watch. It indirectly calls for much stronger and equality promoting laws that protect every individual against injustice.

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