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More than 700 lawyers have written to the Chief Justice of India SA Bobde expressing their concern over the increasing trend of browbeating and intimidating the judiciary by institutional disruptors.

“We the undersigned lawyers want to register our concerns with regard to the trend that has emerged in recent times to browbeat and intimidate the judiciary. India has witnessed a series of attacks by institutional disruptors against judges who are unwilling to agree with them and toe the line drawn by them,” stated the 772 signatories.

“It is unfortunate that when political ends of lawyers are not served by a decision of the court, they vilify the court by making scandalising remarks. The Supreme Court of India as well as the judges are subject to both scurrilous language, malicious attacks and scandalising remarks. Legitimate criticism of both judgments and the functioning of the institution has always existed, however, when the criticism is calculated and actuated by malice, it is the authority of the court which is undermined,” said the letter.

The lawyers have urged the Supreme Court and CJI to uphold the edifice of the judicial system and protect the third pillar of our democracy from those who peddle falsehood to destroy the institution. The signatories have also urged to ensure that the persons doing so are dealt with in an exemplary manner.

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