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A Delhi based businessman has planned a conspiracy to get murdered and had hired a juvenile to kill him, to let his family get the insurance money. But the police was able to unearth the plot five days after his dead body was found.

Gaurav Bansal used to live with his wife and children in Arya Nagar in IP Extension and ran a ration shop for the livelihood. The Deputy Commissioner of Police communicated that he was burdened under the stress of encountering loss in business during the COVID-19 outbreak and had also taken a loan worth Rs 6 lakh.

The police official also added that the exact amount of Gaurav Bansal’s insurance amount was not immediately clear but it is estimated around Rs 10 lakh.

The body of the deceased was found hanging near Kheri Baba Pul near Delhi’s Najafgarh area on June 10. The police had further investigated the matter and arrested the 4 accused.

The main accused Suraj who is a juvenile had revealed that Gaurav Bansal had hired and paid him Rs 60,000 to murder him so that his family can get the insurance money.

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