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Chennai Court had set an example for all the women who use their rights and laws as a weapon against men. A man who has fought quite a long battle of 7 years by facing the trials for false rape accusations against him by a woman, has been awarded compensation worth Rs 15 lakh.

The man had filed a compensation suit against the woman seeking Rs 30 lakh damages and for cost citing the reason that the accusations had destroyed his career. Chennai Court decided the compensation amount to be Rs 15 lakh payable by the woman and her parents for falsely accusing the man named Santosh.

The XVIII Additional Judge, City Civil Court, Chennai Dr. R. Sathya Santosh heard the suit filed by plaintiff Santosh under Order VII, Rule 1 CPC seeking Rs 30,00,000 compensation for the damage caused.

It was confirmed by Santosh’s lawyer A Sirajudeen that the order was announced on 23rd January 2020 but was released online only last week approximately after nine months. The man was acquitted in 2016 after DNA reports proved that Santosh is not the father of her child.

7 Years of Legal Trials

As Santosh and the woman belong to the same community, their parents had fixed their marriage. But with time, the relationship between both the families soured following a property dispute. After which the plaintiff’s family moved to Mogapair West and the boy joined SRR Engineering College, Padur, OMR, Chennai.

In 2009, the mother of the girl visited the boy’s home and accused him of raping and impregnating her daughter. So, she demanded the family to fix their marriage. The allegations were denied by Santosh and then they filed a complaint against the boy. A case was registered against Santosh under Section 417 and Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code.

Police arrested him in November 2009 and then he was sent to police custody for 95 days. He got bail in February 2010. Till that time, the woman had delivered a baby girl.

The DNA samples were collected and examined, leading to findings that Santosh is not the father of the child and all the allegations are false. Considering a defence document, A Mahila court in Chennai acquitted Santosh on 10 February 2016.

Women should understand and respect the laws that are formulated to protect them. False rape accusations destroy the whole carrier of the man and the anguish is unbearable. Such incidents create doubts in the case where women are actually being harassed, assaulted, or raped.

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